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How Peacock Alley used content, testing, and automation to dominate D2C

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How Peacock Alley used content, testing, and automation to dominate D2C

Engaging with Modern Creative Can Elevate Traditional Marketing Tactics

What does a 47-year-old wholesale linen company do when eCommerce becomes the new norm? Well, that's precisely the situation that Peacock Alley was facing just a few short years ago. Keep reading to learn how Peacock Alley used Cohley to grow eCommerce into their largest and fastest-growing business unit.

Long before startups became all the rage, Peacock Alley founder Mary Ella Gabler was on her way to establishing the luxury linen market in the US. The vision for her family-run, locally based company has not changed: sell bedding and bath linens that are supremely soft, impeccably crafted, and made to withstand the test of time.

While Peacock Alley's vision hasn't changed, the consumer landscape certainly has. They realized that consumers are much more receptive to shopping for linens online these days. At that point, Peacock Alley decided to go all-in on D2C. To support a new D2C strategy and cater to a digital audience, Peacock Alley came to Cohley to generate a wide range of diverse content to activate and test on their digital channels.

Various images of Peacock Alley customers.

Generating Content at Scale Using Diverse Creators and Cohley Integrations

Peacock Alley leverages Cohley to generate content at scale that enables them to personalize their messaging to various consumer demographics. Using their Creative Briefs, Peacock Alley provides instruction to creators on what they’d like the custom branded content to look like while simultaneously empowering them to be creative and original. In total they’ve generated over 1,300 creative assets…and we're not even at the best part yet.

Cohley Integrations Helped Peacock Alley Build Content at Scale


Manually keeping track of multiple Creators’ addresses can easily become the most time-consuming part of generating content at scale. Fortunately, the Cohley & Shopify integration lets marketers focus on the things that matter most: activating and testing content. Peacock Alley was able to pre-select several products they wanted Cohley Creators to choose from when applying for the campaign. After the creators have been selected, the products selected by the creators were automatically shipped to confirmed addresses with just the click of a button. Cohley’s Shopify integration automatically sent shipping confirmation and tracking information to all creators, as well.


Did you know that UGC photos increase conversion rates by 25% over professional photos? Understanding the importance of social proof in the customer journey, Peacock Alley was eager to add reviews and UGC to their website ASAP. Once Peacock Alley generates both written and visual user-generated content via Cohley, they tap into our Yotpo integration to push those assets directly to their product pages. Featuring user-generated content on their website has added a significant amount of trust and authenticity to Peacock Alley's eCommerce experience.

In turn, the addition of Cohley assets has translated to a 159% increase in average time-on-site and a 52% increase in conversions.


Peacock Alley understands that delivering relevant content via email can significantly impact conversions (in fact, it carries a 122% ROI on average). However, manual testing is difficult to scale and limits the amount of content you're able to test. With Cohley's Klaviyo integration, Peacock Alley was able to automate the sending and testing of Cohley Visual Assets in their Klaviyo cart abandonment flow. Cohley tracked email performance for each asset by SKU to identify the top-performing photos and help Peacock Alley understand what types of content drove the highest comparative CTRs. Cohley helped identify images/SKUs that, when used in cart abandonment emails, have a 31% increase in CTR compared to the original image.

Content performance
Klaviyo Content Performance dashboard.

Peacock Alley Increased Online Conversions by 52% Using Cohley

Peacock Alley increased time on site by 159% and increased online conversions by 52%.

"Our favorite thing about Cohley is its ability to plug in and connect with our marketing stack, which helps us make data-driven decisions that result in real business growth. It also automates processes that would otherwise be a huge time commitment. We’ve actually selected vendors BECAUSE Cohley integrates with them."

Robin Daniel
Senior Integrated Marketing Manager