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How Samsonite Uses Cohley to Generate Cost-effective Photography in a Flash

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How Samsonite Uses Cohley to Generate Cost-effective Photography in a Flash

Refreshing a Digital Strategy to Connect with Younger Consumers

With so many digitally native luggage brands emerging with lofty goals to dominate the space, Samsonite Canada knew they needed to refresh their digital strategy to maintain their legendary foothold in the market while also connecting with younger, digitally native consumers. To start, they were looking for relatable, custom content that spoke to a younger demographic that values authenticity, diversity, and community

Samsonite needed to move fast without breaking the bank. Rather than scheduling a photoshoot and hiring a pricey photographer, they required a solution that could provide high-quality content with variety and authenticity against a tight timeline.


Samsonite Generated Diverse Content for Key Digital Channels

Samsonite used a Cohley Visual Assets Brief to generate photos and videos from a variety of content creators. They specifically wanted to work with content creators who were located in several different regions and could address the diversity of their target audience. 

They leveraged Cohley to generate diverse content that met their brand requirements. Samsonite activated the content on their website, emails, and organic social feeds to revitalize their brand image across digital channels.

Generating 87 Photos for Under $50 Each to Showcase Diverse Lifestyles

In under 4 weeks, Samsonite generated 87 photos to market across their digital channels, achieving their goal of showcasing a variety of models, lifestyles, and environments, such as urban, coastal, and suburban. Most importantly, they generated the images for under $50 per photo.

"To do a photoshoot internally would take additional prep time (to negotiate photography rates, find models, locations, etc.), plus we would need to be on-site for the day. With Cohley, it only takes us a handful of hours. In many ways, it’s much easier to use Cohley content because we can get content that shows a variety of models, lifestyles & environments."

Erin Reynolds
Marketing Communications