Connecting With Consumers Through Meaningful Content

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Connecting With Consumers Through Meaningful Content

Generating Relevant, High-Quality Content for Multiple Products and Demographics

Like many consumer brands today, Braun offers a wide range of products to meet the various needs of different customers. While that’s a great business strategy, it presents the marketing team with a serious challenge:

“How do we create high-quality marketing content for each of our products and the seasonal campaigns we’ll be using to promote them?”

Braun products are designed to blend seamlessly into your home and your lifestyle. That’s why they rely heavily on seasonal campaigns that are relevant to the everyday lives of their customers. After struggling to keep up with their ambitious content creation goals internally, Braun knew they needed a system for sourcing content that was scalable without sacrificing quality. That’s when they turned to Cohley to help them generate high-quality creative for a wide variety of campaigns, products, and demographics. Here are just a few examples of what we did together.

Cohley Briefs: Braun's Solution for Seasonal Campaigns

For each of their seasonal campaigns, Braun launches a Cohley creative brief to find content creators that match the required demographic and can accommodate the content requirements.

Achieving High-Quality Content with Ease and Speed

Braun uses this content across their owned media channels, such as their Instagram, Facebook, and website. In turn, this high-quality content helps them tell a more meaningful brand story: