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How Olly Beat the Rush to Make A List & Check It Twice

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How Olly Beat the Rush to Make A List & Check It Twice

Getting Ahead of the Holidays With Cross-Channel Creative

Ever notice how the holidays seem so far away, then suddenly it's mid-December? Yeah, us too... and nearly every brand across every industry. Yet, the holidays are critically important for brands looking to top their customers' wishlists. The iconic supplement brand OLLY wanted to get ahead of the holidays this year to ensure every customer got their healthy holiday gifts.


women posing with olly supplements with festive christmas tree

Unique, On Brand Content Across All Channels

To minimize last-minute scrambling for a historically stressful season for brands, OLLY had a game plan to flood their digital social channels with tons of vibrant, on-brand quality content to get their audiences in the holiday spirit. Leveraging Cohley’s extensive Creator network was the perfect avenue for OLLY to generate that content quickly. By running their content campaigns through the Cohley platform with the Shopify integration, everything involved in the Creator management process, from vetting & selection to product logistics to communication and beyond, was at OLLY’s fingertips, all in one place. Through this process, they were able to seamlessly obtain unique content showcasing authentic holiday season experiences while embodying the brand's colorful, playful aesthetic.

Over the course of those three weeks, Cohley Creators had submitted more than 40+ approved visual and short-form video assets to help OLLY sleighride above and beyond their demands for the holiday season. By launch time, nearly 80% of that content had been approved by the OLLY team to distribute across their digital social channels, on top of Creators sharing with their own respective audiences.

woman using t3 micro blow dryer

A Library of Highly Seasonal Content in Less Than 3 Weeks

Working with Cohley, OLLY generated a Content Library of seasonal assets in less than three weeks and for under $15 per image. With an 80% approval rate, leveraging our platform with the help of our Shopify eCommerce integration facilitated a quicker turnaround time without compromising content quality. Additionally, with such compelling assets on hand paired with Cohley’s built-in content rights in perpetuity, OLLY was able to reactivate them through their national retail partners like CVS, helping the household brand spread awareness of their products at the perfect time. With a new, scalable process for all of OLLY’s content generation, management, activation, and testing needs, decking the halls have never looked better for the holiday season.

"Cohley enabled us to source great content that was engaging and on brand during the busiest time of the year. We appreciated how quick and easy the process was of accepting creators and reviewing content and especially loved the ability to talk to the influencers directly for any edits or comments. The Cohley team was also really responsive and helpful whenever we needed them. Excited to continue working with Cohley on future campaigns."

Carly Dunklin
Communications Manager