Koia Leverages Cohley UGC for Retail and D2C Launches

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Koia Leverages Cohley UGC for Retail and D2C Launches

Driving Retail Awareness with Authentic Co-Branded Content

As a growing food and beverage brand with a lofty growth goals, Koia knew that supporting its retail launch strategy with authentic content would be important for their brand. Koia turned to Cohley to partner with Cohley Content Creators to drive awareness for retail launches while simultaneously generating co-branded content to which Koia gained the full licensed rights.

Co-branded Retail Content

Koia Leverages User-Generated Content for Successful Direct-to-Consumer Launch

Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, 7-Eleven, and more

D2C Launch Strategy

When Koia launched direct-to-consumer on their e-commerce site in June 2020, they wanted to make sure their launch strategy was supplemented with user-generated content (both photos and videos) that could authentically convey the convenience of ordering Koia flavors right to the doors of their customers.

User-generated Content

Paid Facebook and Instagram Ads


Koia’s Cohley campaign generated over 160 photo and video assets, which Koia was then able to repurpose for ad content to optimize ad performance with UGC.

"By using the Cohley platform, we’ve been able to generate authentic content at scale to enable testing across our digital channels. It has saved our team hours of work and costs."

Maya French