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How Hyland’s Leveraged Authentic UGC To Kick Their Digital Presence Into High Gear with Cohley

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How Hyland’s Leveraged Authentic UGC To Kick Their Digital Presence Into High Gear with Cohley

The Challenge

Since 1903, Hyland’s has been one of the leading homeopathic companies in North America. Natural medicines weren’t always mainstream, but that didn’t stop Hyland’s from standing its ground with integrity and wisdom and continuing to provide their customers with natural healing remedies. Leveraging creators and authentic user-generated content was a major slice of the pie in their goal of fostering a stronger digital presence and overall growth strategy.

However, Hyland’s needed a scalable solution to help them roll out their content growth plan for:

  1. Generating social impressions to a targeted audience
  2. Generating quality UGC to fulfill content needs for digital ads.

The Solution

Hyland’s turned to Cohley to run various Creator Campaigns, leveraging Creators in the parenthood sphere who could speak to their products to foster a sense of trust between the consumer and their brand. Creators were able to generate 500+ assets ranging from photo to short-form videos showcasing their authentic experiences on how Hyland’s Authentic Remedies have positively affected their children’s lives.

Leveraging our platform to run Cohley Creator Campaigns tackled their challenges head-on by:

  • Streamlining all Creator management processes including recruitment, communication, payment, and reporting all in one place within our dashboard
  • Driving impressions with the help of Creators sharing their UGC across each of their own audience channels, on top of our baked-in licensed rights in perpetuity to all original photo and video assets to repurpose in digital ads and more
  • Utilizing Cohley’s Facebook Business Manager integration to identify which social ads were driving the highest ROI with UGC content gained from Cohley Campaigns


The Results

Hyland’s was not only able to generate social impressions from more authentic content, but also test that user-generated content (UGC in their digital ads to increase ad performance. From there, those test results were leveraged to inform what types of content they should continue generating in future Cohley campaigns to optimize performance. Cohley’s Facebook Ads Manager integration made it even easier to pinpoint which types of social ads and styles of content resonate best with their audience.


"Having an all-in-one solution to generate influencer posts and user-generated content at the same time has been a huge time and cost saver for our team. We’ve repurposed the assets in our digital ads to increase performance and couldn’t be happier with the results."

Diana Cao
Brand Manager, Hyland's