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3 Reasons Why You Should Focus On Customer Reviews: What Potential Consumers Are Looking For

Every e-commerce brand knows the importance of detailed photos and product descriptions to consumer purchasing decision. Equally as important and often underrated, however, is the power of online product reviews. In fact, according to Fan & Fuel, 94% of online customers read reviews before making any purchasing decisions. With such a high percentage of consumers relying on reviews to gauge brands’ credibility, here are the 3 big takeaways for you when it comes to generating product reviews implementing them in your marketing strategy:

1. Honest and detailed reviews perform best

When a potential customer looks at reviews, what they want to see is detailed written reviews about the customers’ experiences and a large variety of reviews. Furthermore, a mix of negative and positive reviews actually makes the reviews more believable. Don’t fret if a few negative reviews come through! It allows you to get an honest view of your customers’ perception on your brand and product and it makes your reviews more credible in the eyes of consumers.

2. Reviews give credibility

If a company has no reviews for their product(s), 92% of people have a hard time really trusting enough to buy the product off the bat or at all. This reaches farther than just reviews on product pages. Using text product reviews as ad copy in your marketing channels including emails, social ads, and website creative gives your brand more credibility for potential customers.

3. Relatability matters

  1. When reading text reviews, customers are looking for details on reviewers’ experiences to help them decide if the product/service is right for them.  In other words “I love this product” is not going to resonate as well as a detailed account of how the reviewer used your product and why they liked it. When repurposing text reviews in ad copy, be sure to select the reviews that include relatable details about the user’s experience with your product.

Gathering text reviews for your brand is a feature available within the Cohley dashboard. Our most successful clients use their Cohley-generated text reviews in a myriad of ways:

Customer Insights

Gather honest feedback from users of your product to gain valuable insights on customer sentiment. Utilize these insights to identify product issues and gather product suggestions. Forward to your product team for actionable product improvements

Ad Copy

Reviews give consumers the confidence they need to purchase your products. Use text reviews in your ad copy and website creative to improve ad performance. A/B test against your standard copy to identify top performing content and optimize accordingly

Product Sampling

Need product reviews before a product has even launched? Run a product sampling campaign on Cohley to get user feedback with a quick turnaround. Ship out product and get honest feedback in return before your product hits the market.

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