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5 Tips to Build Rock-Solid Creator Relationships

You might assume that communicating with creators on Cohley is easy like Sunday morning. While it’s certainly not brain surgery, there are some basic principles to follow to best optimize outcomes.

We’ve seen plenty of brands veer far away from those principles, and there’s a clear correlation between the brands that communicate with creators the right way and the brands that are overwhelmingly successful. While other platforms prohibit any back and forth between brands and creators, we made the decision a long time ago to give both parties the ability to be humans and interact with each other.

So with that in mind, here are 5 tips to build rock-solid relationships with creators on Cohley.


As crazy as this sounds, when you have a large number of creators accepted into a campaign it’s easy to view them as a means to an end versus real human beings. Like most humans, creators appreciate kindness, enthusiasm and clear communication. If an issue arises with a creator, being empathetic and giving them clear feedback goes a long way towards reaching your ultimate goal.

One idea? Introduce yourself! While you’re there representing the brand, signing off your chats with your name can warm up the interaction.

A creator told us recently that it means a lot to him when a brand throws in a simple exclamation point in the chat if they like the content he submitted. It doesn’t take much!

Sometimes it’s just really nice to see a brand throw an exclamation point in the chat.
— Robert Liberatore


Would you want to spend hours creating content in exchange for free product? Unless you’re running a NEEMO campaign with our up-and-coming creators who’ve explicitly agreed to work in this fashion, we highly recommend putting fair compensation behind your campaigns.

We recommend leaning on your Customer Success Manager for guidance on proper compensation for creators, and “fair” depends on factors like…

  • What you’re asking for in terms of deliverables

  • What type of content you’re looking to generate (video is more expensive, for example)

  • How valuable the product you’re gifting them is

  • How well known, or “sexy,” your brand is

  • If it’s an influencer campaign, the influencer’s follower count is a factor

It goes back to putting yourself in the creator’s shoes. If they feel fairly compensated for their work, they’re more likely to go above and beyond for you.


Clear doesn’t mean long and wordy, but it does mean that you should actively think through the components of the content you’re looking to generate and clearly communicate that in the Creative Brief.

As a general rule, stay away from making any assumptions. Do you need your logo in the shot? Do you need creators to avoid using certain descriptors of the product in their video content? Actively think about what could be misinterpreted and get in front of potential mixups with crisp and clear wording and content samples in the Creative Brief.



As a general best practice, we recommend treating your creator notifications like emails. Responding within 24 hours is a simple rule for keeping things moving and making your creators feel heard and appreciated. The same way that you’ll want them to be prompt, they’ll expect the same out of you. It’s synergy at its finest.


When we say that you can think of your Customer Success Manager as an extension of your team, we really mean that!

If you’re having any issues or you have questions on how to best translate information or clarify details with a creator, your CSM is a hugely helpful resource. Don’t wait until a campaign is over to communicate things that could have been tweaked and/or resolved while the campaign was in motion.