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All Things Influencers Podcast, Ep. 1 feat. UNTUCKit's Oriana Sengos


In episode one of the All Things Influencers Podcast our cofounder Tom Logan interviewed Oriana Sengos, who's the Social Media Manager at UNTUCKit. UNTUCKit is a rapidly growing clothing company that started with men's shirts and has since expanded into more men's clothing, women's and even a freshly minted kids line. 

Tom asked Oriana why influencers play an important role in UNTUCKit's aggressive growth strategies, what makes a great collaborations (and what doesn't) along with how she sees the space evolving.

A few of her key takeaways are below...


  • She sees influencers adding legitimacy and validation to the UNTUCKit brand

  • Influencers help UNTUCKit reach audiences through highly trusted sources

  • They rely heavily on influencers to help them fulfill their constant need for fresh content


  • For influencers, a positive attitude goes a really long way

  • Clear communication can make or break the relationship