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Cohley Campaign Spotlight : Neuro


Neuro makes functional energy gum and mints made to energize, calm, and focus you in the moment.  Specially formulated with natural caffeine, l-theanine, and B-vitamins, Neuro Energy & Focus helps you sustain the mental endurance necessary to maintain your focus no matter what activity you're doing - all in a piece of gum or mint. Their functional gum and mints will allow you to feel clear and energized up to 5x quicker than coffee!

With this campaign, Neuro was looking to supplement their brand relaunch with images to support their new packaging, website, and social. They wanted to work with fitness creators to focus on brand affinity rather than lifestyle. By working with 10 Cohley Influencers, Neuro was able to generate over 74 high-quality assets at less than $13 per image. Along with collecting a content library full of new assets, the relaunch campaign had a total reach of 46,870 and a 13% engagement rate.

Campaign Details

  • Campaign Requirement: 1 Instagram Post, 2+ Photos, 1 Video

  • Total Accepted Cohley Creators: 10

  • Total Accepted Assets: 74

  • Total Cost: $1,000

  • Total Savings: $3,910