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Cohley Campaign Spotlight : Peacock Alley

For 45 years, Peacock Alley’s commitment to luxurious bedding and bath linens has been about more than beautiful sheet sets and bath towels. In today’s increasingly fast-paced world, they still believe in taking the time to create luxury linens that are simple, elegant, and impeccably crafted.

With this campaign, Peacock Alley was looking to generate a variety of bright, high-quality UGC featuring their “All Seasons White Blanket”! Over the course of a month, they were able to work with 15 Cohley creators to gather over 250 pieces of user-generated content that aligned with their goal!

Campaign Details

  • Campaign Requirement: 6+ Photos

  • Total Accepted Cohley Creators: 15

  • Total Accepted Assets: 254

  • Total Cost: $1,500

  • Total Savings: $15,010