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Celebrating International Women's Day

At Cohley, we’re proud to work with some of the best women-founded and owned business. With International Women’s Day looming on the horizon, we want to highlight a few of our amazing women-powered Cohley clients who are leveraging Cohley to generate content for their brands. Celebrate Internationa
Tom Logan
March 3, 2020
April 29, 2024

At Cohley, we’re proud to work with some of the best women-founded and owned business. With International Women’s Day looming on the horizon, we want to highlight a few of our amazing women-powered Cohley clients who are leveraging Cohley to generate content for their brands. Celebrate International Women’s Day with us by learning about some of these powerful women-founded brands while seeing real examples of the content they’ve generated on the Cohley Content Platform.

Kallie & Co.

11-12-2019-14-26-TheWanderingB-23 (1).jpg

In 2014, in her own laundry room, Nadia Martinez created Kallie & Co. - an online social retail business that sells hand crafted goods created by Mexican artisans. A Mexican immigrant herself, Nadia wanted to find a way to give back to her Mexican community by employing fair labor. 

Now, Kallie & Co. employs a small team of Military Spouses, selling sustainable footwear across the U.S. and Canada, and supporting 20 artisans in Mexico with fair labor who make the shoes. Kallie & Co. is committed to giving back by donating 100% of profits from t-shirt sales to the Semper Fi Fund and by making donations of shoes to women in need in the United States and Africa.

12-05-2019-11-30-IMG_1746 (1).jpg

12-09-2019-44-32-IMG_9647 (1).jpeg

Strapped for resources, budget and time, Kallie & Co. uses Cohley to outsource content generation to Cohley Content Creators. They’ve been able to generate hundreds of high quality photos for their marketing channels and website. Almost all photos on their e-commerce website were generated on Cohley.

Snow Monkey


Rachel Geicke started Snow Monkey during her Boston University undergrad in 2016. As a college athlete with multiple food allergies, traditional ice cream defied her nutritional and dietary needs. But she was in an unhealthy relationship with ice cream and would indulge regardless. Upon recognizing that she wasn’t the only one in this unhealthy relationship, Rachel set out to create a delicious and nutritious alternative. Rachel took a bunch of superfoods, fruits and seeds, turned it into a frozen superfood blend fit for an athlete and called it Snow Monkey. Snow Monkey is a vegan, paleo ice treat that is free of all major allergens and has 21 grams of protein per pint.  Packed with protein, antioxidants and fiber, it's smooth like ice cream with flavors to die for!

Snow Monkey uses Cohley to scale their UGC creation efforts. By working with nano influencers via Cohley’s Neemo Creators, Snow Monkey focuses on generating content for their product in active and athletic scenarios. The brand is able to repurpose Cohley-generated content on social channels and A/B test in paid social ads to optimize ad performance. 



While she was in college, Olivia Pivirotto conceived of and created SWIGSAFE™ after her drink was tampered with. Ever the entrepreneur, Olivia set out to design a product in which people of all ages and lifestyles would be able to make their own drinks, and always be aware of how much alcohol they are consuming. The SWIGSAFE™ team is led by Olivia and her mother. An unstoppable pair, they’ve created SWIGSAFE™ as not only an essential product that you can take from day to night, but also a product of a personal journey with a deep-rooted mission.

SWIGSAFE leverages Cohley to scale video content and lifestyle content that they repurpose across their digital channels. A big focus has been on generating content that pushes the product in a non-alcoholic setting to expand product uses cases and demo. 

Zellee Organic


Zellee’s founders, Eriko Dowd + Lisa O'Kelly were inspired to start the company after searching tirelessly for easy, on-the-go, allergen-free snacks for their children. They decided to recreate a modern take on a Japanese snack founder Eriko’s mother made for her as a child, and after seeing the popularity of their initial recipes among family and friends, they set to work on their business.

The result is an organic, plant-based jello made with real fruit and without added sugar. Zelle is gelled with konjac (an ancient medicinal root) instead of gelatin or carrageenan, and is packed with antioxidants and vitamin D.

Zellee uses the Cohley platform to forge influencer partnerships and drive brand awareness through influencer posts. Simultaneously, they’re repurposing influencer content in their own social channels, email marketing, and video ads.

Aveo Vision

Founder and CEO Cecile Thai started Aveo Vision to disrupt the contact lens industry. Admitting that she used to overwear her contacts which caused a serious condition that nearly cost her her vision, she always felt that contacts were a huge pain to get and that the old school contact lens industry hasn’t kept up with those of us who shop online, want to spend our money wisely, and don’t have time to sit around in someone’s waiting room just to get our contacts. 

Aveo Vision’s mission is to make better eye health accessible to everyone, by offering affordable daily contacts with advanced technology, produced as sustainably as possible. According to the brand, you deserve happy, healthy eyes.


Aveo Vision uses Cohley to scale its influencer marketing efforts by to increase its brand exposure with social influencer posts. Aveo Vision also leverages Cohley Content Creators to generate engaging video assets for use digital advertisements including YouTube Ads.

BeBe & Bella

Rose and her daughters, Linda Krebs and Allison Krebs have had a lifelong commitment to well being and overall health. Living in the sunny South, all three understand that proper skincare is an essential aspect of everyday life. In 2013 they became business partners creating the groundbreaking probiotic based skin care company – BeBe & Bella, LLC. BeBe & Bella has created a clinically proven premium probiotic skincare system, balancing the beauty biomes, inside & out. With the power of science, they have created both orals and topicals to improve your skin, body, and mind.

tamila_di-01-14-2020-07-52-IMG_1879 (1).JPG

BeBe & Bella uses Cohley to scale their content creation and influencer marketing efforts to build brand awareness and support all digital marketing efforts. They have successfully leveraged the Cohley Content Platform to generate both product-focused and lifestyle photography.


TUSHY is the modern bidet that easily clips to your toilet & transforms your health, hygiene and life. TUSHY was founded by Miki Agrawal  to upgrade the American bathroom experience with a modern, best-in-class, affordable bidet attachment. After an eye opening trip to India, Miki also decided she had a personal and corporate social responsibility to tackle the country’s defecation issues. After founding TUSHY, Miki enacted a corporate give-back program. Through the give back program, a portion of each TUSHY provides one family in India with access to clean community toilets by partnering with Samagra.


TUSHY uses Cohley to scale diverse, creative assets to test in social channels, social ads and email marketing. A very playful brand, they love outsourcing content to Cohley Creators who can creatively photograph toilet accessories in fun scenarios. They also use Cohley for influencer marketing efforts to build brand awareness and drive traffic to their events like Butt Con!

MaryRuth’s Organics

Certified Health Educator, Nutritional Consultant, and Culinary Chef, MaryRuth Ghiyam created MaryRuth’s Organics in 2014. Her original My original mission when starting MaryRuth's was to create wholesome supplements she felt great about giving to her own family. MaryRuth believes that you, the customer, should be treated like family and receive only the best service and care. The company creates wholesome products, with vegan, non-GMO ingredients.


MaryRuth’s Organics primarily uses Cohley to ramp up brand awareness via social media influencers, while scaling video testimonial content and photography for use in marketing channels.

Maya Kaimal

Maya Kaimal  is an award-winning cookbook author and founder of Maya Kaimal Foods. Raised in Boston by a South Indian father and a mother from New England, she grew up in a multi-cultural home filled with delicious and diverse foods. Her father’s Indian cooking combined with trips to visit family in India piqued her interest in that cuisine from a young age. In 2003 she left the publishing world and launched a line of fresh Indian sauces in partnership with her husband and journalist Guy Lawson, out of their Brooklyn apartment. 

As a brand, Maya Kaimal transforms the vibrancy of traditional Indian flavors into modern culinary experiences. Inspired by heirloom family recipes, every snack, meal and sauce is thoughtfully crafted for flavorful gatherings around any table


Maya Kaimal uses Cohley for recipe content that they repurpose on social and in ads and to support launches of new products. Their Cohley Campaign briefs focus both on high quality content and quality recipes. Maya Kaimal has a very content-focused approach and finds value in gaining licensed rights to all assets generated on Cohley.

Codex Beauty

Founder and CEO Barbara Paldus is a scientist, entrepreneur and passionate investor in natural beauty. Prior to launching Codex Beauty, Paldus spent two decades leading innovation in the fields of spectroscopy, telecommunications, and biotechnology. In founding Codex Beauty, Barbara’s mission was to set the next generation of standards in the organic beauty space. To that end, the company is committed to the complete visibility of their beauty products’ ingredients, methodologies, and testing results. 

Codex Beauty is a collective of global skin care brands built on science, natural ingredients, plant-based preservatives, pharmaceutical-grade processes, safety and efficacy trials, sustainability, and consumer transparency. Their products are entirely organic, free of harmful chemical compounds, and rigorously tested according to biotechnology practices. 


Codex Beauty uses Cohley to scale content generation primarily for ad testing while also repurposing content across digital platforms. Using a combination of paid influencer posts and leveraging Cohley’s Neemo creators for product exchange only, Codex has been able to generate over 400 assets in a couple of months.


On a rainy afternoon in 2003, Beryl Stafford and her daughter "Bobo" baked oat bars that soon became a Boulder, CO cafe favorite. This humble oat bar has since captivated loyal fans nationwide, with no compromise to the original recipe, small-batch baking process, or mother-daughter tradition. Today, Bobo’s has continued to bake the same bar, using the same recipe, the same pan, in the same small-batches, and with the same simple wholesome ingredients you can find in your kitchen.


On the Cohley Content Platform, Bobo’s drives brand awareness with influencer partnerships and repurposes the content gained from sponsored posts for their marketing channels. Bobo’s is also a part of the Cohley Cares initiative where Cohley donates a portion of Bobo’s annual spend to a non-profit of their choice. 

Spa Girl Cocktails

Founded in 2017, Spa Girl Cocktails evolved from the famed parties hosted by founder Karen Haines and her husband at their renowned Palm Springs home. At every one of these soirees, Karen would concoct one-of-a-kind specialty martinis for her guests—an art mostly abandoned due to the time and effort it takes to hand-shake drink after drink. Recognizing an opportunity to restore the martini to its rightful place as an iconic American aperitif that everyone can easily enjoy at home, Karen used her decades of experience in the hospitality industry to create Spa Girl Cocktails.

Spa Girl Cocktails are 100% plant-based, vodka-crafted cocktails made simple. They distill a high-quality, premium vodka and then masterfully infuse all-natural flavors, allowing you to sip and serve on the rocks or, better yet, enhance with a few healthy ingredients you love. 



Spa Girls Cocktails uses Cohley primarily for generating authentic UGC content. Simultaneously, they’re able to work with social media influencers to drive brand awareness for their products, targeting a very specific female market.

Madison & White

Madison and White was founded by Kamela Hurley at the start of 2015. After a disaster DIY hair experiment, she was at a local beauty supply store where she found satin pillowcases for sale. One touch of the cheap satin pillowcases and she knew she could do better.  On impulse, she began research on textiles, benefits, and created samples based on that research. After just one night of sleep on her self-made pillowcases, she couldn't believe the difference. Her morning hair wasn't messy, she didn't have sleep wrinkles, and her skin and hair felt more hydrated. She was so amazed by the difference that she started making pillowcases for all the ladies in her family. Her family started talking and sharing with their friends, order started flying in on Etsy, and thus Madison & White was born. 


Madison & White came to Cohley with a huge need for content. Starting their content generation strategy from the ground up, Cohley has helped the brand generated much-needed content for their e-commerce website, organic social channels, and digital marketing channels. Madison & White also focuses on generating authentic UGC that will resonate well with their target market.


On a recovery journey from advanced-stage cancer,  CEO and founder of Lavva, Elizabeth Fisher, built her diet around nourishing, high-fat foods. That’s when Liz discovered the Pili nut. Grown in volcanic soil in Southeast Asia, Pili has the highest vitamin E and magnesium of any nut. Blown away by its rich, buttery flavor, Liz began blending Pili nuts with coconut milk. The result was unlike anything she’d ever tasted before; spoonably thick, deliciously rich. Over the next three years, Liz worked on perfecting the recipe. Instead of taking industry shortcuts like gums, coloring agents, artificial flavors, or sugar—she forged her own path. She discovered young plantains added a beautiful texture and hint of natural sweetness. And vegan probiotics added the perfect tartness.

Today, Liz is healthy and Lavva is alive for all to enjoy. Lavva pili nut yogurt is a rich, creamy blend of Pili nuts, coconut and plantains. With zero added sugar, prebiotics and 50 billion probiotics, what happens inside this cup is good for what happens inside of you.


Lavva uses Cohley to work with social media influencers to scale UGC efforts and support its retail launches. For example, Lavva launched an influencer campaign to generate content in actual Kroger stores where you can find the product. Incorporating both Kroger and Lavva branding in the photos, Cohley Creators will send Lavva content to repurpose in their marketing channels while also posting stories and feed posts on their own Instagram accounts.


Tom Logan
Founder & CEO