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Tom Logan
August 24, 2020
April 29, 2024

New York, New York - August 24, 2020

Content generation platform Cohley has officially announced its partnership with TikTok.

As users have continued to flock to TikTok (their monthly active users are up 450% since the beginning of 2019), so have advertisers. One of the biggest challenges that TikTok has faced has been helping its advertisers (and potential advertisers) generate TikTok-native content.

Enter Cohley.

The four-year-old, NYC-based startup specializes in helping brands generate content at scale via its marketplace of content creators, and video content has become the most popular ask from its client base.

“Four years ago, brands had hardly any interest in utilizing user generated, short-form video. Today it’s everywhere, and that’s in large part due to the meteoric rise of TikTok”, said Erik Graber, Co-Founder & Head of Product at Cohley. “It’s all about giving users a native-feeling branded content experience on the platform, and we’re beyond excited to help advertisers generate ad-ready TikTok content at scale.”


To help brands further leverage the Cohley x TikTok partnership, an API integration was developed between the Cohley platform and TikTok’s recently launched Ads Manager. This integration provides brands the ability to generate and deploy ad-ready TikTok video with an easy-to-use workflow that’s complete with powerful analytics.

It’s truly a complete end-to-end creative solution for TikTok advertisers.

Not one to mince words, Cohley’s Co-Founder & CEO Tom Logan declared that, “TikTok is here to stay and we are ecstatic about the partnership. The entire premise of our business is that brands’ marketing efforts improve when they have more content to test, and by helping TikTok advertisers whip up high-quality, cost-effective video content, we’re going to help them grow their businesses.”

Interested in optimizing video content for TikTok ads? Check out this guide here.

Tom Logan
Founder & CEO