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Cohley Creator Recipes to Try this Thanksgiving

Recipe content is a great way for a food & beverage company to highlights its products in fun, delicious, and inventive ways. In this article, you can find a few recipes by Cohley content creators that are perfect additions to the traditional Thanksgiving feast.
Parker Dietz
November 11, 2020
April 11, 2024

Recipe content is a great way to showcase your products and how they can actually be used in practice. With a Cohley Creator Campaign, you can easily partner with foodie creators, photographers, and influencers who can create inventive and tasty dishes with your products.

As a food & beverage brand, here are a few ways to use recipes within your marketing strategy:

  1. Share recipes created by your community on a regular basis within email newsletters
  2. Partner with food-focused videographers to produce step-by-step recipe videos for your YouTube channel. According to statistics, 60-90 seconds is more than enough.
  3. Share to Pinterest. Recipes are extremely popular on Pinterest (for some it’s basically a virtual cookbook). Choose vibrant photos and include a text overlay like “Best Fried Chicken Recipe” to increase the likelihood of clicks and pins.
  4. Work into influencers to create and share recipes to their own channels like Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, blogs, and more. They can highlight the featured products by including shoppable links that lead viewers directly to the online product pages.

Now, with Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, everyone is dusting off the recipe books and saving dishes on Pinterest in order to make a splash at this year’s Turkey Day celebrations. To help your search, we put together some of our favorite recipes created by actual Cohley Creators featuring amazing products from our clients. Any of these recipes would be a great addition to Thanksgiving staples like turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes.


Vegan Potato Salad

This recipe from @vegansfromars for vomFASS is a great vegan remix to the classic potato salad. It uses vomFASS’ high quality Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Ginger Orange Mustard instead of the usual mayonnaise.

<img src="" alt="C5B2ED51-A922-45CF-923E-B4594ADF5331.jpeg.800x800_q85.jpg">

Rather than cubing the potatoes, this creator chose to slice them lengthwise to increase the surface area and speed up the boiling process. With tons of fresh herbs and veggies, this potato salad is a lighter and more refreshing version of its heavy forefather.

When making a simple dish like this, the ingredients you use are of the utmost importance. Opt for a higher quality olive oil like vomFASS to really make the flavors pop.

You can find the full recipe here.


Keto Chicken Buffalo Bites

These won’t last long on the appetizer table. @followthelunas whipped up these tasty and keto-friendly Chicken Buffalo Bites for a 4505 Meats recipe campaign. 4505’s pork rinds are a delicious substitute for breadcrumbs and will appease the low-carb guests at your Thanksgiving get together (there’s always one of them).

<img src="" alt="AE9123D8-1A45-4012-941C-80F8C9540676.jpeg.800x800_q85.jpg">

You can substitute the protein powder with all-purpose flour or almond flour, but a little extra protein is good especially if you’ll be imbibing this Thanksgiving.

You can find the full recipe here.


Smoked Duck Breast Salad 

Although duck is probably not the first poultry that comes to mind when you think of Thanksgiving, it can be used to liven up a mundane salad in a pinch. Especially since Les Trois Petit Cochons offers a fully cooked Smoked Duck Breast on their online store.

<img src="" alt="Photo+Aug+02,+9+04+49+AM.jpg">

This healthy and delicious recipe is from @gofrenchyourself. She says, “Place some mixed greens on a plate. Top with celery, apples, purple onions, cherry tomatoes and drizzle with a herbes de provence salad dressing before serving. Add a tiny bit of salt and pepper too.” Then simply top with the duck breast. We recommend slicing the duck breast into smaller pieces especially if serving for a large crowd.

You can find the full recipe here.


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