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We Built a 'Reviews Generator' to Disrupt Product Seeding

In 2013, the world of stock photography was flipped upside down when Unsplash launched via a humble Tumblr blog. Free, high-quality stock photography for the masses! It was a game-changer, and it turned what had been an expensive product into a commodity. 

Here in 2021, Cohley is now the "Unsplash for Product Reviews." 

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What we've created is a significantly more efficient way to generate and gather Product Reviews. We've built technology to displace what had been a very manual process, enabling us to offer a far more effective alternative at extremely low costs (even free up to a point). Simply attach your eCommerce platform with the click of a button, select the products you'd like reviewed, and boom! You'll have reviews back in no more than a month. 

The Review Generator tool acts like a wedding registry. Once a product has been selected a sufficient amount of times, it's no longer available for selection. You don't need five bread makers, for example. 

It's no secret - more reviews yield more traffic, higher conversion, and sales as a result. But the current process for generating authentic reviews is clunky and unpredictable. There are several ways for brands to generate more reviews. You could rely on post-purchase emails/SMS to get product reviews or you could turn to a vendor like Influester and pay a small fortune to proactively generate them.

For eCom and marketing teams alike, Product Reviews are worth their weight in gold. You know the stats, but we'll repeat them anyway: 92% of consumers consult reviews before making a purchase, and product pages that lack sufficient reviews convert at an average of 4.6% worse than those that do. 

With numbers like those, you owe it to your business to avoid the painful opportunity costs of not having enough reviews. 74% of stats are made up, but those aren't! Activate the Reviews Generator and start generating product reviews ASAP.