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Cohley Taps “Lens on Life Project” as its Primary Philanthropic Partner


New York, New York - Cohley announced Lens on Life Project, led by brothers Sam and Jack Powers, as its primary philanthropic partner within its “Cohley Cares” initiative. 

Lens on Life provides photography and computer literacy training for at-risk youth around the world. Currently, the organization is operating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan and will soon open a school in Iraq. On the photography side, Lens on Life deploys a highly effective model where original prints from their star students are auctioned to enthusiastic bidders around the world. From there, those funds are used to build and run schools for at-risk students in the communities in which they operate. 

“We’re incredibly excited about our partnership with Lens on Life,” said Tom Logan, Co-Founder & CEO of Cohley. “The partnership allows us to support an incredible cause that’s perfectly aligned with Cohley and it gives our team an added layer of purpose. Economist Milton Friedman once argued that a business’ sole responsibility is to make money for shareholders. We view our core responsibilities as a business through a much broader lens.” 

"In a time where content is so critical to ensuring that an organization's message lands with a global audience, we couldn't be more excited to partner with Cohley to amplify the voice of our students,” said Sam.

In speaking with the Cohley team via Zoom, Sam noted that he and his brother didn’t want to merely visit the Zaatari Refugee Camp (for example), help out for a few days and head out for good. “Lens on Life is not a temporary endeavor”, said Powers. “We are built to sustain everywhere we work, and in order to make a long term impact we knew we needed to be all-in.” 


About Cohley Cares

The Cohley Cares Initiative grew out of our shared passion for aligning Cohley’s entrepreneurial and philanthropic culture with those of our cause-based clients. To add real substance to these relationships, Cohley donates a portion of our agreements with cause-based companies to their primary charity and another portion to Cohley’s. 

More about Lens on Life

To learn more about Lens on Life, visit or email them at Opportunities to donate or learn more about volunteering are also available on the site.