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How Good hYOUman's Brand Manager Has Breathed Life Into their Snapchat

For Jason Primrose, Brand Manager at Los Angeles-based clothing company Good hYOUman, the responsibility of properly representing the brand isn't something he takes lightly. He's a dream employee in that sense; He'll be the first to tell you all about how founder Brett Novek started the company as a tribute to his late father, David. He's quick to explain that the brand is authentically fun, athletic and healthy but not pretentious. 

It's a fine tightrope to walk, and he speaks tepidly on the subject of producing great content on Snapchat...almost like he's in a movie with the tall task of choosing what colored wire to cut to save the human race. "We like to use Snapchat to take people behind the scenes of Good hYOUman," Jason told me. "We give people insight into our creative process and show them sneak peaks of new releases," Then joked, "It's like our reality show." 

Good hYOUman has a unique brand voice to maintain

Good hYOUman has a unique brand voice to maintain

What Jason understands is that for brands, Snapchat is becoming more of an owned TV channel than another social network. Business Insider agrees with him, recently saying that Snapchat has become a bonafide "media distribution platform." So how are they getting an edge on the competition on Snapchat? 

In spite of the careful curation process that goes into Good hYOUman's Snaps, influencer collaborations might just be their secret sauce. Similar to the influencer collaborations that you've undoubtedly seen all over Instagram, Jason finds content creators who match the brand's aesthetic with their video content, vets them on his own and will often propose a collaboration. 

The nature of those collaborations can vary, but typically it'll include a sponsored Snap story on the influencer's own profile followed by a "Takeover" of Good hYOUman's own channel.  The results of these collaborations are substantial; They populate their channel with great UGC content, they boost Good hYOUman's following by bringing in some of the influencer's followers, they acquire great video content that they can repurpose on other channels and they also have the opportunity to feature unique "Snapcodes" that drive ecommerce results. 

In the coming months, Jason and co. plan on adding to their influencer collaborations and behind-the-scenes content creation by doing Buzzfeed-inspired lists to give their followers fashion inspiration. 

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