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Introducing Pre-Influencers, from Cohley

As influencers start to demand more and more for collaborations, now’s a great time to take a step back and think about what you’re really looking to achieve with your influencer marketing strategy. If influencer content is of any interest to you, keep reading!

As we’ve continued to see the space change we’ve been thinking of an innovative approaches and products to set our clients up for success. Our Pre-Influencer product, called Neemo, helps brands find influencers before the rest of the world becomes aware of their existence. The tool streamlines the entire process of discovery and content creation so you can fill the void between user generated content (UGC) and expensive professionally produced content.

The combination of our unique algorithm that analyzes pivotal data points and vetting each Pre-Influencer, we’ve compiled a wide range of people more driven by a desire to build their personal brand than by monetary compensation. This provides an inexpensive opportunity to control the inbound flow of content and the chance to build long-term relationships with future influencers.


Our expectation is that Cost Per Engagement (CPE) will continue to rise, and consumers will continue to trust influencer recommendations. We think that brands will utilize the Pre-Influencer tool to create content for every marketing channel. This will include putting influencer generated content on websites, digital and banner ads, marketing emails and print ads.

Simply put, influencers generated content can be a perfect bridge between user generated content and professionally produced content. Let us show you how.