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Review Sampling Pricing Explained

As we were building our review sampling offering, we did a lot of listening to our current customers. It became clear to us that while the current offerings in the market were working well for some brands, there were a LOT of pain points that we could address. Pricing transparency came up in almost every conversation. 

Traditionally, review seeding pricing is based on the number of samples you’re sending out, with no guaranteed completion rate. So if you send out 100 samples, you might get 10 reviews, you might get 50, or you might get as high as 80… regardless, there is no actual guarantee that the samples you’re paying to send are going to convert into reviews. 

We wanted to do things a little differently. Cohley’s pricing model for reviews is based on the actual number of reviews you’re going to receive, not how many samples you’re allowed to ship. 

This can seem like a small difference, but it can lead to huge savings for you. Let’s do the math. 


Let’s say you want 250 product reviews for your new product launch.

Scenario One: 

You want 250 product reviews to support a new product launch.

You get a proposal for $50 per sample, for a total cost of $12,500. 

Now let’s assume the standard industry rate of 70% completion. This nets out to 175 reviews generated. 

Your cost PER REVIEW is actually $71, and you’ve missed your review goal by 75. Not ideal. 

Following so far? 


Scenario Two: 

You want 250 product reviews to support a new product launch.

You get a proposal from Cohley for $50 per review, for a total cost of $12,500. 

Your cost PER REVIEW stays at $50. If you need to send out more samples to reach your 250 reviews, go for it. You can send out as many samples at no additional cost to Cohley until you reach your goal. 

With Cohley, you’re saving $1,607, and you’re also actually hitting your goal. 

Quantity of reviews impacts your conversion rates, so missing out on those 75 reviews that you paid for can impact your bottom line beyond the extra cost. 

Per review pricing is one of the many ways that Cohley’s review sampling offering is research based, optimized for conversion, and built with what’s best for our brands. Reach out if you want to learn more about how we’re creating more opportunities for our brands to acquire and keep customers.