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Some Instagram Ad Formats We Love (and why they work)

Catching Instagram users' attention as they vigorously race through the app consuming content is a challenge that nearly every brand is familiar with. The content has to feel natural but regardless of format, it has to tell a quick and concise story and give users a reason to pause. 

At Cohley, we're finding that video ads like the ad below and ad formats that involve motion of any kind are outperforming static images.

Despite slow adoption to startInstagram video ads today make up more than half of all advertisements on Instagram.

Videos tend to drive more engagement on Instagram than photos and they receive twice as many comments as photos on average. 

We've just added a new product that enables Cohley clients to take static images that they've created through campaigns and turn them into a sequenced video like the one above. The idea is to extend the value of the awesome images that are being generated with a clear end goal of improving ad performance. Early tests have been awesome, and we'll be sure to share more tangible figures when we have them. 


I also love to see brands experiment with ad content that's along the lines of what Bai did in the ad above. It's catchy, it's different and I'm drawn in to the story that they're telling. Defying customer expectations is also often what makes an ad captivating, and because this ad looks unique relative to average Instagram content it'll likely achieve its primary purpose. 

What ad formats have been working well for your brand? Let us know!