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The Dos and Don'ts of Applying to Campaigns

We love our clients, and we want to make sure we have the cream of the crop as our creative team. Here are some awesome pointers you should consider before applying to campaigns on Cohley.

DO: Read the creative brief before applying to a campaign

  • The creative briefs are set up to allow creators to quickly understand timelines, campaign requirements, and the outlined budgets.

  • Reading the creative brief allows creators the understand if the project is within scope, and if it makes sense to apply.

DON’T: Apply to campaigns that are out of scope

  • If the campaign brief states the brand is only looking for creators in a specific location, and you do not live in that location, do NOT apply.

  • If the campaign brief specifies they are only looking for gender specific content, and you cannot create that type of content, do NOT apply.

  • If the budget for the campaign is not within, or close to within your expectations, do NOT apply.


DO: Send a thoughtful message when you apply to a campaign

  • Example 1: "I have been following your brand for a long time, and love how I can use the product both while I’m on the go or in a more formal setting. I’d love to work together and create some awesome content for you!"

  • Example 2: "I see you’re looking for creators based in rural locations, and I have an upcoming trip to Tahoe that would be a perfect backdrop to create some content."

  • Example 3: "It looks like you’re looking to generate some pet-centric content, and I have 3 dogs I would love to feature in my photos" 

DON’T: Mass apply to campaigns

  • Brands can tell when you’ve applied to their campaign multiple times with the same copy and pasted message.

  • A lot of companies are managing multiple brands on Cohley, they know when you apply to multiple campaigns with the exact same message.


DO: Over-communicate

  • Brands are excited to work with you in Cohley! If they send you a message or a shipment update let them know you saw their message.

DON’T: Neglect outlined timelines of the campaign

  • The fastest way to lose trust from a brand is to neglect specified timelines.

  • Cohley team members are always recommending top creators to brands, we ALWAYS suggest creators that we know follow content guidelines and timelines.