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Three Reasons NOT to Work with Cohley

Tons of top brands use Cohley to power their content and testing strategies, but we're not for everybody. Here are three reasons that you shouldn’t invest in Cohley.
Tom Logan
July 8, 2021
April 11, 2024

At Cohley, we really love Cohley. As the great Terrell Owens once said, “I love me some me!” and while that sounds pretentious, we believe deeply in our offering. 

The concept for this three-part list? We borrowed it from our friends at Gong. But their list consists of things like “You’re already closing way too many deals,” which, let’s be honest, is never really a “problem” for a software company. 

Our list is genuine. Like, really authentic reasons not to work with Cohley. Those two sentences meant the same thing. Nice, really drove that home (self high-five). 

So if you fall into one of these three categories, we still love you but, how do I put this...our timing isn’t right. It’s not you, it’s me. Without further ado, here are three reasons that you shouldn’t invest in Cohley. 

You’re solely focused on scaling your influencer program 

While we’re certainly believers in the value of influencer marketing, if you’re solely looking to scale up your influencer efforts, build an influencer CRM and view in-depth social media-focused analytics, there are other partners that we’d recommend. We’re a Content Engineering platform that helps brands generate and test content, and we view influencer posts as a form of content activation. 

We don’t specialize in influencers for affiliate plays or as a means to boost follower counts on brand pages. Our talented creator base does include influencers, but our most successful clients work with them to generate high volumes of cost-efficient photos, videos and product reviews. 


You’re not interested in testing content 

At Cohley, testing is in our DNA. We strongly believe that in order to thrive as a company in today’s hyper-competitive marketing environment, you need to be willing and enthusiastic about testing. Data > Gut Feel is a phrase commonly used in company meetings. 

Testing doesn’t mean you have to incorporate memes into your Instagram ads or post videos of your CEO dancing on TikTok, but it does mean that you and your team are willing to try new things, you’re interested in growing market share in new or existing segments and that you’re striving for growth. If not, that’s okay! You’re just not a great fit for Cohley. 


You don’t have a marketing team

If you’re an upstart founder that’s in your nascent stages of building a world-class company, we’re pulling hard for you! You’re just not a fit for Cohley just yet. 

Cohley fits within a well-developed tech stack and the brands that are able to dedicate some basic resources to executing their Creative Briefs and activating their Cohley generated assets are the ones that have the most success with us. 

Tom Logan
Founder & CEO