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What Is a Content Creation Company?

A content creation company helps you develop photos, videos, and more to successfully promote your brand. Learn more about content creation in this guide.
Parker Dietz
March 28, 2023
April 11, 2024

Publishing content is the key to building relationships with your customers and boosting brand awareness. However, you must publish content consistently to reap the benefits.

Unfortunately, creating and sharing a ton of content in-house may overburden your team and lead to burnout. Instead of overstretching your team and resources, you can outsource content production to a content creation company.

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What Is a Content Creation Company?

A content creation company is any business that produces content for other businesses or individuals. Content types typically created by content creation companies include videos, photos, social media posts, infographics, and other content.

Most businesses and individuals hire content creation companies to get as much content as they need to achieve their content marketing goals, such as:

  • Reach more target audience members
  • Increase website traffic
  • Generate leads
  • Promote brand or product
  • Boost online authority
  • Search engine optimize
  • Enhance brand visibility and awareness

Sharing your content marketing goals is crucial to receive content creation services that match your needs. Once a content creation company understands your goals, it can tailor and optimize content for those goals.

Depending on your content needs and budget, you can hire a small content creation company with one or two creators. Larger projects may require hiring a bigger company with a team of content professionals.

There are also content creation companies that provide clients with user-generated content (UGC), such as customer reviews and testimonials. More businesses are hiring content creation agencies for UGC because it's affordable and yields better returns on investment.

What Does a Content Creation Company Do?

The primary function of a content creation company is to produce the content you need to achieve your content marketing and business goals. The best content creation companies use a data-driven approach to produce content. A data-driven approach involves researching a client’s target audience to identify their preferred content type, platforms, and other information.

The content creation agency will use the insights from audience research to create and publish content optimized to reach, engage, and convert more viewers. Two of the top types of content businesses order from content creation companies are videos and photos.

Compared to other forms of content, such as blog posts, visual pieces of content like videos and photos have a higher engagement rate. In fact, studies show that users remember 95% of video content and only 10% of the information in written content. Also, videos get 1,200% more shares than written content.

Besides content production, top content creation companies provide other services to help a business achieve its content marketing goals. Depending on the content creation company, these services may include:

  • Content strategy: It involves planning content creation, distribution, measurement, and optimization. A well-planned strategy is the best way to ensure content creation success.
  • Content distribution: Distributing content involves posting content on channels where your target audience is most likely to see it. If you post content on the right channels, you'll maximize your reach and the potential of content to deliver your desired results.
  • Content promotion: Promoting content involves boosting a content’s visibility and reach. You can do this by organically sharing links to your content or running paid ads. Your organic or paid promotion tactic will drive more traffic to your content, ensuring more people see it. According to Semrush, 73% of marketers organically promote content via social media, while 53% use email marketing.
  • Content testing and optimization: Content agencies can help optimize your existing content to deliver better results. The process involves measuring current content performance to identify underperforming pieces. The agency can then use insights from the test to improve any underperforming content’s visibility, engagement, or search engine ranking.

The Benefits of Working With a Content Creation Company

Now that you understand what a content creation company is, you might ask if hiring one is worthwhile. The answer is yes, and below are the reasons why.

#1. Delivers On-Brand Content

Thousands of businesses post online content daily. If you want to distinguish yourself from competitors that also post online, you need branded content. Custom-branded content includes posts tailored to mirror your brand voice, tone, and unique perspective. Content that reflects your brand identity and showcases your visual style will help differentiate you from other brands.

Creating and posting on-brand content also creates a consistent and cohesive brand experience for your target audience. Your audience will be able to identify your unique content at a glance, leading to increased brand awareness. Lastly, it will boost brand loyalty and help grow your audience, so more people look out for your unique content.

A content creation company will consistently deliver on-brand content by first understanding your brand, target audience, and unique value proposition. The insight will help the company create content that's unique to your brand and in line with your business goals.

#2. Saves Resources

Having an in-house content creation team can be expensive. However, outsourcing can save you a ton of resources. When working with a content creation company, you only need to pay for the content that's delivered.

Besides saving money and boosting revenue, outsourcing content creation helps save human resources. How? It reduces your team’s workload, allowing you and your team to focus on more important things, such as growing your business.

#3. Keeps You Consistent

Consistency is key to content marketing that keeps your target audience engaged. Besides having a consistent brand voice, you need to post content at regular intervals so your audience can look forward to fresh posts. Consistently creating and publishing content in-house can be difficult, especially if you lack the tools, know-how, or people power.

On the other hand, a content creation company has everything it needs to create and publish content for you and follow a consistent schedule. A professional content agency will also know how to keep improving content quality.

Doing so ensures that your target audience will continue seeing top-notch content that boosts your brand reputation and authority.

#4. Expertise and Experience

You may not have an in-house team with the skills and resources to create sufficient content to achieve your content marketing goals. Even if you do, you still have to invest in frequent training to keep your team up to date with current trends and viewer preferences.

A content creation agency already has all the necessary skills and resources to deliver quality content. The top agencies have professionals with expertise in various areas, such as design, video production, and digital marketing. Their skill and experience will ensure you receive engaging and effective content that aligns with your goals.

#5. Scalability

There is a limit to how much work a freelancer or in-house content team can handle. Content creation companies provide flexibility and scalability by allowing clients to adjust their content creation needs as their businesses grow and evolve.

For instance, you might initially need five videos each month for your content marketing campaign, but as time passes, you may need more videos or fewer. A content creation company can adjust to match your changing needs.

6 Things to Look for When Searching for a Content Partner

Hiring a content creation company has several benefits, but you won’t experience these benefits if you hire the wrong company. Find the right content partner for your content needs by looking out for a company that offers the following.

  • Comprehensive services: A quality content partner does more than create and deliver content. Work with a content partner that can provide expert content creation recommendations based on your marketing and business goals. This will ensure they're able to steer you toward tactics and solutions most likely to deliver the results you're looking for.
  • Experience: Look for a content creation company with experience working with brands like yours and delivering the content you need. If a company has no experience working on projects like yours, it may not have the expertise or resources to deliver the highest quality content.
  • Visual content creation: Many consumers prefer visual content over text-based content. So, it's best to prioritize using videos and images to connect and engage with them. Reach and convert more prospects by working with a content creation company experienced in delivering unique, engaging, and on-brand visual content.
  • Brand understanding: The most reputable content creation agency will be a poor fit for your project if they do not understand your brand or marketing goals. Pick the right agency for your project by talking to them and verifying that they understand your brand and goals. An agency that does not fit this bill will struggle to deliver consistent, on-brand content for your audience.
  • Content testing: The best content creation companies offer content testing to identify top-performing and underperforming content. The insights from these tests help content creators pinpoint the best content to create and publish to engage and convert specific audience groups.
  • Quality communication: Only work with a content creation company that offers reliable, convenient, and friendly communication. Otherwise, you may have trouble getting progress updates regarding your project or answers to other questions you might have.
  • Availability: Look for a content creation company that can take on your project and deliver within your preferred timeline. Working with a company with a long waiting list may lead to delivery delays and other issues that compromise content marketing plans.

Cohley: The Content Generation & Testing Platform

If you want a content creation company that will fast-track and simplify your content production, look no further than Cohley. Our creator management platform helps brands like yours connect and partner with top-of-the-line creatives. These creatives can provide visual, user-generated content customized to match your unique content marketing goals.

Engage and convert your target audience by posting content from Cohley creators on your audience’s favorite platforms, including TikTok and Instagram. We also offer content testing that provides insights into the best content for engaging your target audience.

Why Partner With Cohley?

Hiring freelance content creators can be a hit or miss while working with a traditional content agency can be expensive. At Cohley, we offer the best of both worlds by providing a cost-effective and reliable solution for satisfying your content needs.

We connect you with vetted creatives who can deliver on-brand visual content, such as custom-made images, videos, and product reviews. Cohley creators ensure each piece of content they deliver stands out and hooks your target audience, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

You can order as much authentic content as you need and receive your visual assets in as little as six weeks. Even better, we’ve pre-negotiated usage rights on your behalf, so every piece of visual content you receive will be 100% yours to use as you see fit.

How Does Cohley Work?

With Cohley, finding creators and receiving custom UGC is simple and hassle-free. You only need to follow these four steps:

  1. Kick-Off: Sign up on the Cohley platform and launch a creative brief. We'll assign you a dedicated Cohley Customer Success Manager who will recommend pre-vetted creators based on your business goals, market trends, and channel best practices.
  2. Find Creators: Browse the creators recommended to you and pick the ones that best match your brand voice, target audience, and content needs.
  3. Automate: Our Shopify and BigCommerce integration automates shipping your completed visual assets to you.
  4. Get Assets: You can receive your custom visual assets in as little as six weeks. Once you receive your assets, you can immediately post them on your website and social media channels.

Create Content Your Audience Will Love With Cohley

Content marketing is much more satisfying when you don’t have to do all the legwork. Reduce your workload by hiring a content creation company to provide all the content you need for your content marketing campaigns.

With Cohley, you can find and partner with top creators who provide custom content for social media and digital marketing channels. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about how we simplify sourcing high-quality visual content that engages and converts.

Parker Dietz
Head of Content
With a wealth of knowledge about competitors and pricing, Parker is all about exploring the best way to communicate Cohley's benefits. Outside of work, Parker enjoys poorly playing guitar at parties, watching every Adam Sandler movie ever made, and eating Arabic food.