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Why We Built This: Photography Campaigns

For more than three years Cohley has helped brands generate diverse, actionable content to fuel and improve content performance. Erik and I come from the User Generated Content (UGC) space, and because of that our focus early on was to provide brands with a more effective way to generate more “authentic” feeling photos shot on SmartPhones. We knew assets that were more relatable, helped brands build better connections with consumers, and we knew that this type of content could inspire action. It was both a natural and a familiar place for us to start. 

As we started to run more and more campaigns, we had clients run campaigns on Cohley with the end goal of generating more tailored assets to use specifically on their websites. Candidly, we thought this would be an outlier use case.

But brands kept showing interest in generating professional assets for their websites and use cases that required more specific asks, and in retrospect it wasn’t all that surprising. The costs associated with photo shoots are astronomical, and while they did give brands more control of the content they only yielded a few actionable photos. They’d get 1,000 photos back and they could only use 10 or 20 of them.

Here’s a line-itemed photoshoot from one of our clients:


This shoot left the brand with 18 actionable photos, bringing their cost per asset to $1,410. The average cost per asset across all Cohley Photography Campaigns is just under $50.

By eliminating nearly all of the fees associated with a traditional photo shoot and enabling brands to connect directly to the photographers, we’ve helped them bring these astronomical costs back down to Earth. By layering in more controls on top of our standard campaigns, we’ve added necessary levels of security and confidence to the process.

Whether you’re looking to have a variety of talented photographers infuse their own creativity and create unique branded content or you’d prefer highly curated photos with more stringent content guidelines, our Photography campaigns are refreshingly effective.

Give us a shout, we’d love to talk photography with you.

Tom Logan, Cofounder