Cohley Product Update: December 2022

Check out what's new in the Cohley platform for the month of December.
Michelle Green
December 1, 2022
June 26, 2024

Find the Right Creators with Pre-application Questions

On average, each UGC brief that is launched in Cohley receives 150 applicants. When the goal is to accept fewer than 10, that requires a lot of time vetting and combing through each applicant’s profile. That is why we have added a way for you to ask each applicant a question before they apply. Use it to gate the brief for only those that answer ‘yes’ or to get additional information in order to make informed decisions. For example, do you need people that live in a certain state? Great! Gate the question and only those that match can apply. Need people that have kids aged 2-4? Not a problem! You get the idea!

Add your yes/no question to your UGC brief today! For existing briefs, anyone that has already applied will stay in your applicant pool.

Add Shopify with One Click

Additionally, we've made it easier to link Shopify to your Cohley account. Simply press ‘Add’ and you will be prompted to login to Shopify and confirm the permissions. You'll then be routed back to Cohley. Once Shopify is added, you will be able to choose products directly from your store and ship orders seamlessly to creators.

New-and-improved Creator Filtering

Filters for applicants have a new look and feel! You can now filter by gender, age, and prior items such as previously worked with, country, and ‘maybes.’ You can also see how many creators are within your customized filter before you press ‘see creators.’ Running a brief with an additional question? You can also quickly filter by the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.

We also expect to start seeing improved content that follows the do’s and don’ts! “WHAT! Magic!” you say? Not exactly. Now, creators in UGC briefs will be reminded of the total number of deliverables and do’s/don’ts when they go to upload their content. So yes, asking them to remove that sticker before shooting will be front and center! Next up, this will be included in review briefs.

Michelle Green
Director of Product
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