Cohley Product Update: February 2024

Check out what's new in the Cohley platform for the month of February.
Michelle Green
February 27, 2024
June 26, 2024

Login and email improvements

A new login screen might not be the biggest thing since sliced bread, but we're pretty excited about it. For starters, I love her sweatshirt and am all for the weird vibes. But a cleaner login page with a eye tool to view a password is a strong welcoming for brands and Creators alike!Ā 

Emails are also getting a facelift. We are migrating systems and with that will have the ability to customize our emails more often. Some of the automated emails had GIFs from before 2020! šŸ˜±

For our first iteration, we updated the ā€˜check your messagesā€™ email Creators receive when a brand messages within a brief. Previously, the email told them the name of the brand and prompted them to login to read it. Now, Creators will be able to read the actual text in the email so they can decide to login and take action or simply be informed of an update. We hope this update helps communication between brands and Creators.

The brand email that is sent on Monday and Wednesday also got a face lift and includes updated screenshots and instructions. Keep an eye out for this email as it will only be sent if you have unread notifications in the platform.

Goal based brief writing

Choose your goal, select the recommended brief types, add your products, and let Finn write your briefs. Save time and utilize the suggested deliverables for a differentiated ask to Creators. Once the drafts load, you will see that the drafts cannot be opened until Finn has finished writing. Refresh the page to check if heā€™s done!

Note that ChatGPT is a bit finicky. Sometimes not all of the brief sections are written. If this happens, just click the button to try again.Ā 

Assets generated and Creator collaborationsĀ 

Cohley Metrics have also improved with a look into past licenses. Hereā€™s a quick overview. See if you are still selecting to work with the same demographic of Creators and how that impacts the performance of your creative. Have you generated the same volume of content? Reach out to your CSM to ensure you are fully utilizing the Cohley platform.

Michelle Green
Director of Product
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