Cohley Product Update: January 2024

Check out what's new in the Cohley platform for the month of January.
Michelle Green
January 18, 2024
April 16, 2024

New year, new Cohley bank!

Creator payments can now be made by brands via mass payment or individual payment. If you have been invoiced in the past for Creator compensation and your CSM is manually tracking your funds remaining, we will be moving them into the platform.

New funds can be added via Invoice, Shopify or credit card. If you don't have a credit card on file or invoice permissions are disabled, simply reach out to your CSM and we can enable the right permissions for you to add it. Once added, simply follow these instructions.

Our goal is to ensure that you can be on top of Creator compensation and ensure Creators are paid timely. A detailed video walkthrough can also be found here. 

We recommend paying all Creators within 30 days of brief completion. And don't forget you can now edit each individual Creator's budget to ensure your brief expected funds are accurate. An automatic communication will now be sent when their individual budget has been updated. 

New year, new address!

Addresses can now be edited in existing briefs by Creators! Has a Creator already applied to a brief and need to change their address before a product can be shipped? No problem! Note that Creator Criteria by country and filters in the Creator hub will be based on the Creator's most recent address provided.

Creators will get an auto notification when they are accepted to a brief prompting them to ensure they're address is correct at the time.


New year, new content uploaded!

Going through rounds of edits with a Creator and looking to see if new content has been added? Content to review now shows assets separated by day of upload, making it much easier to identify updates and the newest versions.

New year, new integration on homepage!

Did you like what we announced for Bazaarvoice last November? Well, now you can benefit as well! The KPIs for products that need reviews are now available for Yotpo! 

If you're on Yotpo but haven't given Cohley your credentials, talk to your CSM about where to find the secret key so that we can import your catalog and help you make informed decisions. 

Read more about the metrics and why they matter!

New year, new Cohley Metrics!

Cohley Metrics is live in performance and accessible via the homepage. Drill down on your brands or reviews generated to see when each was run, total Creator compensation, cost per asset for photos and videos, average star rating, number of unique Creators collaborations, hearted and reviewed Creators, and their demographics - gender, age, ethnicity, and location. The heat map displays the count of addresses in the US, UK, and Canada with a map of the US segmented by state.

If you have worked with a Creator across multiple addresses, the count of addresses will be higher than the unique count of Creators. If you work with a Creator outside of these three areas, they will not be displayed in the count of addresses. For a brand that does not have a license (child account), metrics are coming soon. By default we will use the timeframe of the current license, but in the upcoming weeks we will default to last 12 months without a license and provide the option to view historical license data for comparison.

Michelle Green
Director of Product
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