Cohley Product Update: July 2023

Check out what's new in the Cohley platform for the month of July.
Michelle Green
July 10, 2023
April 16, 2024

1st party data targeting

Tired of people applying to your brief that simply don’t meet your criteria? You can now add criteria around Age, Gender, and Country to ensure that the most basic of requirements are met. Simply open an existing brief that is still open to applicants or create a new brief, navigate to the Targeting page, and click on ‘Add creator criteria.’ From there you can layer the 1st party data of our creators to ensure that only the right people are able to view your brief and apply. Go ahead and take it a step further with an additional question to further get to know your applicants by asking a question that is time sensitive and maybe not something that would be filled out in a traditional profile. Check out the video to see it in action! 

Review visibility by creator

Completed and in-progress review briefs now show the reviews left by each creator in the ‘accepted’ and ‘completed’ tabs of the brief. For each product the creator needs to review, we now show pending or completed next to the name of the product, and the actual star, title, review, and assets associated with the review in the brief, versus you having to navigate to the Content Library. Watch this video for a quick overview! 

Additionally, we have a new option to ‘resend’ reviews if you are connected to Yotpo, Power Reviews, and BazaarVoice. This can be done if you are changing review partners or have new credentials. However, BV is not able to utilize the submitted timestamp via API, so therefore it will reflect the time in which you press the button for all reviews (this makes it look a bit fishy for a large number of reviews). Feel free to reach out to your CSM and we can dive into your particular use case for the best course of action.

AI and upcoming TikTok data!

Have you met Finn yet? He’s the little yellow fish that swims around here at Cohley! He’s becoming a super prompter and is constantly tweaking his conversation skills with ChatGPT to get you the best response for ‘Why I want this Content’ in your brief. You can now generate multiple responses and scroll through them one by one until you settle on the one that best fits your brand intentions. Additionally, Do’s and Don’ts use this section to come up with the best requirements, but now Finn can be used here even if he didn’t assist you with writing your Why. See it in action here - and don’t forget to raise your fin if you aren’t already part of our beta (fish) test!  

Want professional photographers and videographers applying to your UGC and influencer briefs? We’ve updated our algorithm to recommend more video briefs to creators with video skills and photography briefs over review briefs. This is a win for creators and will ensure you are getting the best applicants from our community of creators. 

Looking for a photo that is the EXACT size Amazon needs? Check out our newest tool within the Content Library that will let you resize any image from a dropdown menu of popular retailer sizes or the ability to choose a custom width and height. Cropped images are saved as a new file in Cohley and will keep the product and creator tags. Want this same functionality for video? Speak up to vote! Shoot me an email at

Additionally, we are making some changes in our influencer briefs as we get ready to pull in TikTok data. As of now, all data (engagement and follower count) that you filter from is based on Instagram - so we’ve added the logo! In the future, if you run a TikTok brief, you’ll see the TikTok logo - because that’s the dataset we’ll be using! We are also re-designing the metrics of the creators, so you’ll see a new display for the Instagram metrics. Keep checking back here for audience insights and reels data soon!


Michelle Green
Director of Product
Day to day Michelle is a bug finder, feature requester, business owner, and sales leader answering the question "how can we disrupt and grow revenue faster?" Michelle focuses on creating products and systems that can scale with easy-to-use functionality, automated reporting, and results that speak for themselves.