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Cohley Product Update: June 2023

Influencer brief platform selection

When creating an influencer brief as a brand, you can now specify which platform you are running on. This will give us data to allow us to optimize the text and messages to creators accordingly. You can select one platform from Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, or fill in the blank for any other platform. You can also indicate whether you will ask the creator permission to boost their content via a spark code or brand partnership.

Only one platform can be chosen so that Cohley will be able to show you the correct data from the creator's social  platform. This will impact the metrics we show you and ensure that they are able to link to the correct post, driving updates to the performance page. 


Usability and Interface Improvements

Introducing a new look for your brief list. Quickly view all brief togethers, see the number of creators in each stage, see if you have an unread chat message, and stay on time with date reminders for the upcoming deadline. 

All functionality stays the same, with more information at your fingertips for faster navigation to get you to the briefs that need your attention.

Opening a brief with more than 50 applicants? This page now loads faster, and with the last chat in view for each creator! Be sure to communicate any ongoing issues with product or your CSM. 

Did you enjoy working with a creator? Have a somewhat negative experience you want to share? The ability to review a creator is now available on the completed tab of the brief. As of now, a brand can only review each creator once. 

Last but not least, you now have complete control over their applicants in a brief. Creators will not be automatically rejected after 7 days.

Content Vetting Improvements

Fewer notifications, streamlined communication. Only one notification per upload. Only one notification upon accepting content. If a chat has been sent from the creator since the last time an automated message was sent or if it's been more than an hour since the last approval by the brand, a second message will be sent. This new logic will help creators stay updated without overwhelming them with too many messages.

Fewer questions, better experience. Creators that have submitted content will no longer receive 'content due' emails and ask you why they received it. Just remember to mark each creator as complete after you have reviewed them so that you can submit payment within 30 days.

Fewer clicks, faster smiles. The completed tab of your brief will default to a filter for only the accepted content from each creator, providing a quick view into your final content by brief.

But sometimes, you need more. In the event a creator uploads another round of content, hover over the asset to see when it was uploaded. In this example, the timeframe of the newest asset is 'last week' versus 'two weeks ago'. image (16)


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