Cohley Product Update: June 2024

How will the Creator receive the product(s)?
Michelle Green
June 11, 2024
June 26, 2024

How will the Creator receive the product(s)?

Creating a new brief? First, stop to think about the best way Creators should receive the product for content creation. In Cohley’s Creative Brief, you are now able to specify how the Creator will receive the product(s). This clarity enhances efficiency, communication, and timeline management, ensuring smooth content creation.

If you are directing Creators to purchase at an online retailer or to find the closest location to them via a store locator, this will be emphasized in the brief overview and in the automated acceptance message.

We hope this reduces the need for Creator questions and reduces the time between accepting Creators and receiving content for review. Don’t have a store locator because it’s a limited location release? Get creative by adding a link to a google sheet or a custom google map of locations - whatever works best for you!

For a thorough overview of best practices and to see the Creator's side of this flow, click here.

Watermark on assets in Content Collaboration (beta)

As assets are shared for approval across the organization, collaboration does not make it clear that these assets have not yet been rightfully acquired and paid for upon sharing. Therefore, the full size asset will be rendered for viewing, but with a Cohley watermark to ensure the final asset is distributed via the Content Library. Once accepted, the watermark is removed and can be downloaded via collab. 

Disclaimer: This is only for NEW assets uploaded after the 6/10 release.

Credit card transaction funds have cleared

An automated email is now sent when funds have been added via Credit Card and the brand funds are available for Creator compensation. The delay between charging the card and when the email is sent depends on the processing time between the credit card company and Braintree, our payment processor. The goal of this email is to ensure payments to Creators are timely and not forgotten due to the disrupted flow of not being able to pay immediately after adding funds.

Find me on Cohley

Cohley creators now have a personalized website promoting all of their content generated in Cohley briefs. We hope this empowers more Creators to share their content and capabilities, as well as allowing us to share Creator profiles with brands outside of the Cohley platform.

Michelle Green
Director of Product
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