Cohley Product Update: March 2024

Check out what's new in the Cohley platform for the month of March.
Michelle Green
March 13, 2024
June 26, 2024

Heart your favorite Creators

Looking to add your favorite Creators to your Creator Hub but struggling to find them in past briefs? Now, you can quickly heart a Creator from the Content Library - just view the asset full screen, do a little shimmy, and heart the Creator!


Duplicate your brief

It’s now really easy to see which is a copy as we are adding the text “Copy of …” in the brief title upon duplication.

Social Media Post Captions

Influencer captions are no longer an afterthought! Now, when a Creator uploads content they can provide the intended caption alongside each individual asset. To view the caption, you will see the tag ‘Caption added’ and can then read it by clicking on the asset to view full screen.

Submit any requested changes in the chat and Creators can easily make updates. Watch the full flow from the Creator’s side here. 

Are you sure? 

A funds confirmation is now shown before processing credit card or invoice requests. This ensures no mistake is made with just one additional click.

Also, PayPal has officially been removed from the brand payment flow and Creators will no longer pay fees. The Creators responded with excitement and we are overjoyed!

Additionally, currency formatting has been inconsistent and a bit hard to read without the necessary commas for those larger amounts. Currency formatting is now consistent throughout the platform. 

New Creator data

Creator insights for LGBTQ and languages spoken is now available in Creator vetting filters and the Creator export. Note that the counts might be low as Creators continue to update their profile, but we are already seeing strong responses for these new diverse datapoints. Que tal?

Creator Vetting Collaboration (BETA)

After months of working on our new collaboration tools, I'd love to invite you to our newest beta. Our new Creator vetting collaboration enables you to work with additional team members outside of Cohley. In the Creator vetting stage you can share Creators marked as maybe to gather votes and additional comments. Once the Creator vetting link is copied, send it to your teammates. Hopefully little direction is needed for them outside of maybe how many Creators with which you are looking to work. Here is a quick tutorial video so you can see the flow end to end. Once feedback is collected, quickly decide who you want to accept. An email will be sent once a day if votes have been received.

In this new 'Share' panel you will also see the ability to copy the brief to share externally with Creators that are not necessarily in Cohley. While you can invite Creators to apply via the Creator Hub, this allows you to send briefs accepting applicants with Creators that have yet to join Cohley. We can also use this when you need help recruiting.


This is still an early beta with additional features coming soon, but we are looking for your feedback on how this experience helps your internal processes. Reach out to your CSM for access!

Michelle Green
Director of Product
Day to day Michelle is a bug finder, feature requester, business owner, and sales leader answering the question "how can we disrupt and grow revenue faster?" Michelle focuses on creating products and systems that can scale with easy-to-use functionality, automated reporting, and results that speak for themselves.