Cohley Product Update: May 2024

Custom questions to gather Creator insights.
Michelle Green
May 6, 2024
May 21, 2024

Creator Insights

What’s the best way to ensure you have the right information to vet Creators? Ask for it! Alongside the targeting capabilities of adding screening criteria or Creator qualifications, we now have Creator insights. These questions include single selection, multiple selection, opinion scale, and short answer. Each Creator that applies to your brief is required to answer each question written - I’d suggest no more than 5. Answers will be shown to you in the chat section of the Creator application, alongside their application message.

Short answer, multiple selection, single selection, or opinion scale questions

A few suggestions: What breed is your dog? How much does he/she weigh? Does he have any allergies? How much do you currently pay each month on dog food? Whether it’s scale, multiple choice, or short answer, you can now ensure you have the information when generating content on your newest form of doggy kibble. Here is a quick overview video to see both the brand and Creator side. 

While the initial use case was intended for improved Creator vetting, I can also see this being used to inform your GTM strategy.

Payment Improvements

Creators that have been paid are now easier to identify as you navigate your brief, enhancing your experience managing Creator compensations and ensuring each Creator is compensated correctly and efficiently.

Key updates:

  • Visibility on Payments: Easily view your Cohley funds, expected budget, and total amount paid per brief.
  • Incremental Payments Made Easier: Send partial payments, such as 50%, with just a click and instantly see updates in your dashboard. This ensures you never overpay, as the system keeps a detailed log of payments made. 
  • Crystal Clear Payment Status: Track which Creators have been fully compensated and which are pending, reducing errors and simplifying your workflow.

For example, if a creator is assigned a $500 budget, you can choose to send a $250 payment initially. Our system will update to reflect that $250 has been paid, and the Creator remains under the 'not fully paid' tab until the full payment is completed. Once the total amount is paid, you'll see a green check mark, and the dashboard will update, ensuring no further payments can be accidentally issued.

A $500 budget with $250 paid previously results in a remaining compensation of $250.

If Creators need to return to a prior status, historical payment records are maintained.

The Creator is now in the Content to Review stage with a $500 successful payment.

Music Library Rights

Influencer briefs now include music guidelines for Instagram and TikTok

Creator view in brief overview:

Brand view in draft:

This update is to ensure that all Creators are educated and cannot claim they didn’t know - and it’s one less thing for you to remember to include in the brief! 

Additionally, to ensure all brands are aware of the performance metric capabilities, an informational warning is shown if TikTok or Instagram are not selected as the deliverable platform. Want Cohley to pull in additional platform metrics? Vote for your feature requests here

With these changes, the brief overview is also cleaner with the goal of making the deliverables easy to digest and ensuring Creators understand what is required of them.

Improved brief overview for Creators and Brands

Content Vetting

Marking a Creator as complete? If the Creator has all assets uploaded still in ‘pending’, the brand will get a pop-up confirming the action, to ensure that the Creator is complete without any accepted assets. The goal of this pop-up is to ensure that all assets are added to the Content Library and to guide brands through the expected flow without education. 

Select the asset and mark as accepted before marking a Creator as complete

Export your brief to PDF

Brands can now download a PDF of their draft to save/share with other teammates. This is also a great way to copy/paste from one brief type to another. 

General clean-up

  1. When building a brief, the bottom actions for previous and next page are sticky to the screen size
  2. Content Library Creator filter only includes Creators for which content exists
  3. Scroll through assets by Creator with your keyboard arrows
  4. Review briefs will automatically move to ‘past’ when all Creators are complete or 30 days after the due date (submit content by), whichever comes first
  5. Notifications have been streamlined! No noise, just the important items! 
    1. Message from the Creator. Not that they’ve applied, not that they’ve uploaded content, the actual written message. 
    2. Feedback from a collaborator for Creator vetting or content vetting. Notifications will be grouped by brief

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