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Cohley Product Update: October 2022

New Review Partners

Partnerships are now live with two new review companies - Okendo and Stamped! When reviews are collected within Cohley, the import template for each partner is now available for export. Additionally, if reviews are collected on a 3rd-party website, a field is now required for each product’s unique URL. 

When content is due, creators will now receive reminders 5 days before, 2 days before, and the day the content is due. Now brands can spend more time reviewing content versus chasing it down!

Add Funds to Your Account via Shopify

As part of a new requirement from Shopify, brands now have the ability to add creator funds to their Cohley account via Shopify. To have creator funds show up on your Shopify invoice as opposed to a separate charge from Cohley or Paypal, follow these steps:

  1. Accept creators into your brief 
  2. Expected Budget will populate (# of creators X payment amount)
  3. Click the link to ‘Add brief funds via Shopify’
  4. Login & accept the charges within Shopify
  5. Return to Cohley and the amount in ‘Expected Budget’ will now be added to your ‘Brief Funds’
  6. Let your CSM know when creators are ready to be paid

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