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Cohley Product Update: September 2022

Many new features have been added over the past few months and the team has discovered opportunities to make them a bit better. We hope this update includes some exciting wins that will make working with Cohley that much easier for you! 

  1. Reels come in two formats - ‘reel’ versus ‘p’ in the URL. We now accept both formats when creators submit a reel and all content will be added to your creative library.
  2. The completed tab should not show ‘Paid’ and ‘Not Paid’ for ‘Product Only’ compensation briefs.
  3. Brand notification counts were incorrect and a bug has been fixed. 
  4. Creators were submitting content via the attach button in chat versus the correct method that would add the creative to your creative library. Because of this, you will see a new format of your chat which de-emphasizes the attach functionality, while still allowing it.
  5. Performance has been cleaned up and review performance will be shown before social. The ‘Content’ tab has been removed as it was not being updated to avoid confusion. New reporting will be added in the future. 
  6. We want professional photographers to be able to apply to all briefs - especially video ones! This creator type will be able to add TikTok and YouTube accounts to their Cohley profile.
  7. Power Reviews and Yotpo templates for exporting reviews in Cohley have been updated based on their revised instructions.


Improvements to Reviews

Review briefs have a new update! Multiple products can now be added in one brief for each creator to review to reduce shipping costs and bundle products that should be used together. With fewer briefs for both brands and creators to keep up with, reviews will be more organized, it will be easier to manage creator conversations, and shipping products via Shopify or BigCommerce will be streamlined. 

When choosing products to bundle together for each review brief, remember that you will be sending all products to the same creator. Each product you include should work together and be targeted to the same persona. Use the improved brief creator to add products via both your e-commerce integration and review integration. Content in the Creative Library will be associated with the product name that is shipped to each creator. 

Multiple products added from BigCommerce:

Multiple products available to review by the creator:

Additionally, communication just got easier as attachments are shown within the chat as opposed to notifications that an attachment has been shared that can only be seen upon clic clicking. 

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