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Cohley Product Update: September 2023

New Shopify Variant Limitations

Creator product selection has been an ongoing battle within Cohley. With various options per SKU and a goal to focus on certain ones, or the need to limit the size of product a Creator receives, some brands have been unable to realize the benefits of Cohley’s Shopify integration. Drumroll, please…

Our new product selection flow in your brief creation will allow you to: 

  • Limit which variants are offered to creators upon application. 
    No more having a Creator select the wrong size or color. Choose exactly the product variant you want Creators to receive or ensure you are limiting the selection to seasonal colors. 
  • Increase the quantity per product that each creator should receive. 
    You can use this functionality for Creators to receive two of the same product in different colors or two of the exact same product (great to have for the packaged product next to the product on display).

Click here to see it in action!


Beta Performance Page for Instagram

Reels performance since August 23rd is now available in the new performance tab!

Cohley has launched a new and improved performance page for your influencer campaigns on Instagram. With a new design and additional metrics coming soon, you can now compare engagement by media type and a detailed analysis of individual Creators. Sort each media type by engagement, views, earned media value, or followers to assess the effectiveness of each partnership. Plus, we have additional insights for ROI, reach, and audience data. Filter by brief or Creator name to see how they performed individually or together. As a reminder, be sure to update the timeframe to ensure all data is included. Here is a highlight! 

With this comprehensive set of metrics, we hope you can make informed decisions for future briefs and whitelisting posts.

Screen Shot 2023-09-12 at 5.26.54 PM

Additionally, It is now easy for brands to view Reels vs static images in a Creator’s social profile for Instagram with a new play icon. Reels can be played in Cohley or accessed easily in Instagram.

With all of our changes to the brief flow over the past few months, our creator reminders needed a refresh! Creators participating in an Influencer brief are now reminded NOT to post on the requested social network until the brand has had a chance to review and approve or give feedback and text in the various emails now include the updated navigation and button names to remove confusion. If a Creator sends you the link via chat and it's not showing up in your performance analytics, just remind them to use Cohley's 'Add link to your post' button - or reach out to your CSM!



Goal based brief creation approachScreen Shot 2023-09-26 at 11.38.41 AM

Introducing a goal based approach to brief creation. With this new flow, brands can ‘start from scratch’ or create briefs that align with one of the 5 ways brands work with Cohley. Upon choosing your next adventure, you will see the recommended brief types in order to complete the selected goal. Select one or all of the suggestions and drafts will automatically be created. We hope this will be a kick-off point for your next set of content deliverables and ensure your CSM is able to help strategize. Click here to see it in action

It is also easier for brands to duplicate briefs that are currently Active, Past, or in Draft. The previous ‘copy’ flow has been removed given you can now duplicate individual briefs directly from the homepage.  

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