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Reel It In

The podcast for marketers who like other stuff too

In this podcast from Cohley, we discuss the challenges and opportunities facing marketing leaders today. Through expert interviews and client stories, we provide marketers with actionable insights that they can use to navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape and ultimately win on digital.


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Creative as the Key to a Successful Paid Ad Strategy

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What can Warby Parker learn from Casper?

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Email Strategies for Building Incredible Customer Loyalty Programs

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3 Reasons Not to Work with Cohley & Parker's Marketing Lessons after 1 Year on the Job

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DEI in Business, Marketing, and at Cohley with Tagg Magazine founder Ebone Bell

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Inflation, Logistics Challenges, & Direct-to-consumer with Weyco Group's VP of Marketing

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TikTok's Oliver Silzer and an Introduction to Reel It In

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