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How it works...


Kick off

Kick off the project by launching a creative brief within the Cohley platform. Each brand has a dedicated Cohley Customer Success Manager to make recommendations based on your business goals, market trends, and channel best practices. Launch the creative brief and let the creators come to you.


Find talent

Cohley’s pre-vetted marketplace of experienced creators are ready to create custom photos, videos, and product reviews just for your brand. Filter and hand-pick diverse talent based on the style that resonates most with your audience: from lifestyle UGC, to professional photography.



With Cohley’s integration with Shopify and BigCommerce, we'll automate creator product shipping and tracking, saving brands hours of manual tasks.


Get assets

In as little as 6 weeks, you’ll receive your custom photos, videos, and product reviews, ready to fuel marketing campaigns. The best part? All assets are 100% owned by your brand to use wherever, forever.

Custom creative for every channel

Tell your brand’s story and fuel high-performing campaigns across paid channels, native social, email, display, and landing pages with authentic and diverse photos, videos, and product reviews made just for you.

Bring your brand to life with engaging, scroll-stopping user-generated and professional content that's tailored to specific channels.

Content creation

Creative that performs

Activate Cohley content by dynamically testing different images where it hasn't previously been possible: Within browse and cart abandonment emails. Find new winners and boost conversion rates at the highest point of intent.

Find winning creative

You’ve got the vision, we’ve got the creators

Cohley’s network of thousands of pre-vetted creators come to you, and are ready to showcase your product in photos, videos, and product reviews. With diverse ages, genders, ethnicities, locations, and aesthetics, you’ll have everything you need to diversify and scale your content strategy efficiently.

Creator management
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Content that’s 100% yours, forever

Eliminate hours spent sourcing user-generated content, negotiating creator rights, and managing creator compensation. Cohley takes care of the heavy-lifting so you can get back to the fun parts of marketing.

Build trust with reviews

With such a large pool of diverse creators that can provide both text and photo testimonials, it’s never been easier to source hundreds of user-generated reviews at scale. Cohley Reviews can be automatically passed into Bazaarvoice, Yotpo, or PowerReviews, or downloaded and used across various channels. And unlike most review platforms, Cohley offers a 100% fulfillment rate and automated product shipping.

Product reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Cohley different from an agency or network of creators?

Cohley is a visual content generation platform that doubles as your new all-in-one creator management solution (payment, chat, content generation, licensing – all using first party creator data.) Whether you’re looking for visual content to help tell your brand’s story or searching for more creative to test in your ads and improve your conversion rates, Cohley’s platform connects you with a wide array of diverse creators who are ready to provide the content you need to deliver transformational value to your brand. 

What types of content can I generate on the Cohley platform?

Cohley helps brands generate photos, videos, and e-commerce product reviews. The platform allows you to generate both UGC and professional  branded content optimized for social, email, website creative, PDPs, Amazon and more. The use cases are endless because you’ll have content usage rights in perpetuity across all channels.

What is the process to receive the assets? How long does it take?

1. Launch a Brief
Think of this as a job posting for creators outlining the content you're looking for.

2. Select the Creators
At Cohley, the creators come to you. Choose from our pre-vetted content creators who are applying to work with your brand.

3. Receive Content
Once creators receive product, they'll generate content based on what you've outlined in your brief. You’ll have usage rights to all submitted content in perpetuity.

While you can see content as soon as 4 weeks from brief launch, your Customer Success Manager will work with you to build timelines that align with your team's needs.

Is Cohley an Influencer Platform?

Cohley is first and foremost a content generation platform. While we do have creators in the platform with influential follower counts, we believe that leveraging creators for their content and creative abilities is a more impactful strategy for reaching potential customers. The ROI potential from leveraging UGC to increase your marketing and ad performance can be far greater than the reach from a one time social post. That’s why you have usage rights in perpetuity to all submitted content.

What types of brands use Cohley?

We've helped disruptor brands like Imperfect Foods, Rhone, and Harry’s, all the way up to heritage and Fortune 500 companies like CVS Pharmacy and Unilever generate content at scale.

Typically, consumer brands with a focus on eCommerce (D2C or retail) and have 15+ products are a great fit for Cohley.

How much does Cohley cost?

Pricing starts at $18,000 for our Starter package. View other options on our Pricing Page


Still have questions? Head to our main FAQ page.


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