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6 Foolproof Tips for Succeeding with TikTok Ads

Founder of The Social Savannah, Savannah Sanchez, joined us on the Reel It In podcast to discuss the winning formula for creating successful TikTok ad campaigns. She's a paid social expert with a proven track record of helping DTC brands like REVOLVE, Fabletics, BlendJet, and Dr. Squatch profitably acquire customers through campaign management and ad creative production. 

With over five years of experience working as a media buyer and ad creative strategist, she's become an industry leader in executing profitable paid social strategies, speaking at multiple international conferences, and sharing her insights via Twitter and Facebook groups.

Keep reading to learn Savannah's top 6 tips for succeeding with TikTok ads. 

  1. Finding the right Tiktok creators to work with on UGC
    Savannah’s #1 tip? Be very detailed in your creative brief. Don’t assume that creators know how to make a great ad or understand performance creative principles. Savannah believes it’s really on the brand to provide a very detailed brief, for example: “This is the hook we want to start with, here are the three value props we need you to list out, and end with this CTA.”
  2. The formula for top-performing TikTok ads
    You need a strong hook. It’s usually a sentence that lays out what the video is going to be about. Savannah’s favorite hook? “Things TikTok made me buy.” Hooking your audience before you go into your problem and solution is crucial.
  3. The biggest mistake to avoid
    Avoid trends. They have a really short shelf life and don’t perform as well as evergreen videos in the tried and true hook-problem-solution-ending format. Another reason to avoid trends is that they usually accompany music, which is commonly copyrighted.
  4. Leverage TikTok ads for top-of-funnel traffic and Facebook for retargeting.
    TikTok’s main strength is top-of-funnel awareness and creating ads for people who have never heard of your product before. Savannah recommends taking it a step further by retargeting your TikTok audience on Facebook with specific offers or more educational content to tackle purchase barriers.
  5. Is it possible to succeed with TikTok ads without any organic TikTok presence?
    Savannah thinks you can still find success with TikTok ads if you don’t have an organic presence. Oftentimes, TikTok ads aren’t even connected to an organic profile, but rather lead to a product’s website directly. Savannah thinks the main benefit of having an organic presence is the platform education it provides through understanding the types of videos that are resonating on the app.
  6. What you should be split-testing with your TikTok ad creatives.
    First and foremost, Savannah recommends testing different variations of a video’s first three seconds, a.k.a the hook. She also recommends testing the length of your videos. All in all, Savannah believes it’s best to create iterations off of what’s working before you spin your wheels trying to come up with a completely new concept.

Did you enjoy these tips? If so, check out the full episode with Savannah.