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All Things Influencers Podcast, Ep. 2 feat. Melissa Teng

In episode 2 of the All Things Influencers podcast Tom interviews Melissa Teng, who's a phenomenal influencer based in Minneapolis, MN. The full interview is definitely worth a listen, but a few of the highlights are below; 

  1. As Melissa's social presence has grown, she puts a lot more thought into which brands she decides to work with. She asks herself whether or not she’d a) buy the product herself and b) that their brand values line up with her own.

  2. Managing her timing is a major struggle and she emphasizes quality over quantity.

  3. Open mindedness and flexibility around her content is super important component for her, doesn’t like to feel stifled by strict brand guidelines and putting trust in her to create great content is a perfect start to a long-term relationship.