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Introducing Cohley Activate to the Shopify App Store

Cohley Activate is now live in the Shopify App Store! Improve CTR and Conversion rates in Klaviyo email flows by testing different pieces of creative within cart and browse abandonment emails.
Tom Logan
October 26, 2022
April 11, 2024


We’re thrilled to announce that Cohley Activate is now live in the Shopify App store! We’ve made it our mission to build an app that we’re confident will deliver immense value to merchants in the Shopify ecosystem.

With our initial focus on brands that have both Shopify and Klaviyo, we've introduced dynamic creative testing where it hasn't previously existed: Within Browse & Cart Abandonment emails.

Why We Built This

Ecommerce brands lose a whopping $18 billion a year on abandoned carts, and 70% of all carts are abandoned. That’s why knowing which images drive the most conversions is crucial.

After speaking with hundreds of eCommerce brands, it was clear that browse & cart abandonment emails are the top-performing email flows, and that ongoing, product-level testing is near impossible. So, Cohley set out to remove this handcuff and open up automated testing across revenue-driving emails.

Now Cohley Activate can automatically test thousands of images in both cart and browse abandonment emails, pulling in clicks, opens, and conversion rates for every single email sent. Cohley is the first and only platform to offer creative testing capabilities down to the product level.

What Beta Users are Saying


Currex Image



Click-to-open Rate: + 352.17%

Conversion Rate: + 13.04%

"We’re really happy with Cohley Activate. The ability to test a wide array of different images allows us to make more informed decisions about the types of emails that resonate with our customers. In fact, we’ve seen a 13.04% lift in conversion rate across all products from testing images in our cart abandonment emails via the integration."

    – Lisa Harrington, US Marketing Director


OFRA Cosmetics

OFRA Cosmetics


Click-to-open Rate: + 121%

Conversion Rate: + 15%

"Before we started using Cohley Activate integration, it wasn’t possible to test different images within our cart abandonment and browse abandonment email automations. Now we can test an unlimited number of images and see exactly which ones drive the highest CTOR and conversion rate (which are up 121% and 15% respectively). We use that data to shape not only our email strategy, but also our content strategy as a whole. Love it!"

– Paula Toledo, Email Marketing & Ecomm


Biaggi Image



Click-to-open Rate: + 33.45%

Conversion Rate: + 75%

Cohley Activate is an absolute game-changer. Previously, we had no way of testing different images in our automated emails and, as a result, no insight into how our creative was impacting sales. Since we launched the integration, the performance of our abandonment emails has improved significantly and we have a much better grasp on the content that’s most likely to lead our customers to take action. Email marketing is one of the core pillars of our business, and this integration has driven a direct lift in conversions for us. Obviously, I’m a big fan.

– Stephen Hersh, CEO



Tom Logan
Founder & CEO