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Cohley Campaign Spotlight : Alive! Multivitamins


Was “Take more vitamins” on your list of new years resolution? Ours too!

Alive! Multi-Vitamins deliver a full complex of B-vitamins to help convert food into energy. From morning meetings and evening dinners to weekday chores and weekend adventures, they want you to have the energy to fill your days with sparks of joy. To make the most of all you have to do and get the most out of all you love doing! They don’t want you to just live, they want you to thrive.

With this photography campaign, Alive! Multivitamins wanted to highlight their new packaging with a mix of lifestyle and hero images. By working with 4 different photographers, they were able to generate 240 vibrant images that demonstrate how someone like you and me can incorporate these vitamins into our daily routines. While the photographers followed the creative brief provided by Alive!, they were able to add their own creative touches. This led to a diverse content library full of high-quality images that look and feel candid.

  • Campaign Requirement: 45 edited photos

  • Total Accepted Cohley Creators: 4

  • Total Accepted Assets: 240

  • Total Cost: $8,000

  • Total Savings: $7,600