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Cohley Campaign Spotlight : VOLOOM


The VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron is the solution to those days where your hair just needs a little more Oomph. VOLOOM found an opportunity to help conquer those bad hair days and changed the way the beauty industry thinks about volume. They’re the only hair tool specifically designed to create gorgeous and lasting volume in any hairstyle in minutes. VOLOOM gives you natural, bouncy volume that lasts for days- no teasing, heavy styling sprays, or chemicals needed. 

With this campaign, VOLOOM was looking to generate a mix of both photos and videos of the hair iron in action.  They knew that with a new tool on the market, curiosity would spark, and demo videos were necessary. They asked creators to post on their social media profiles with a link in their bio to create brand awareness. Because of the social posts,  these photos and videos reached an audience of 54,151 people. They worked with 15 creators on their first campaign and were able to generate 126 unique assets at only $17 per asset.

  • Total Accepted Cohley Creators: 15

  • Total Accepted Assets: 126

  • Total Cost: $2,250

  • Total Savings: $5,940