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Cohley Introduces "Ghosting" Insurance

Ghosting is a relatively new term so let’s kick this off with a definition:

“To end a relationship with (someone) by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.”

This scenario typically applies to dating situations, but it also applies to brands and agencies who work with content creators. While it doesn’t happen often from a percentage standpoint (it’s well under 5% in our standard paid campaigns), it naturally happens more with brands and agencies that work with a high volume of creators on a regular basis.

The brand sends a product to a creator and poof!! The creator stops responding and fails to follow through on her/his campaign deliverables. Getting ghosted is no fun, it can be expensive, and it can really bring down the vibes of an otherwise great campaign.


Introducing “Ghosting” insurance (bugles playing), from Cohley. Cohley is the first platform to offer ghosting insurance for subscription clients, meaning that Cohley will cover the total cost of product and shipping if a creator fails to follow through.

Run campaigns with complete confidence and sleep better at night knowing that you won’t be haunted by ghosting. Boo!