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Cohley vs. for User-Generated Content

In this guide, we dive deep into the differences between Cohley vs. when it comes to UGC. Which platform is best for you? Find out right here.
Tom Logan
May 25, 2023
April 11, 2024

In today's digital landscape, user-generated content (UGC) has become an essential component of successful marketing strategies. The power of UGC lies in its ability to showcase authentic experiences, foster brand trust, and engage audiences on a deeper level. As businesses have recognized the value of UGC, the demand for effective UGC platforms has grown exponentially.

Are you ready to harness the power of UGC too? If so, you'll need a UGC platform. But which one is right for you? In this guide, we compare and contrast two prominent players in the industry: Cohley and We'll discuss their key features, benefits, and how they facilitate the creation and management of user-generated content.

Whether you're a marketer looking to leverage UGC or a business searching for the right platform, this guide aims to provide valuable insights and help you make an informed decision.

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What Is a UGC Platform?

Before we dive into the comparison, let's establish what a UGC platform is. UGC stands for user-generated content. UGC refers to any form of content, such as photos, videos, reviews, testimonials, or social media posts, that's created by consumers or brand advocates rather than the brand itself.

A UGC platform is a specialized tool or service that enables businesses to source, curate, and manage content generated by their customers or brand advocates. These UGC platforms streamline the process of collecting UGC, providing a centralized hub for content organization, moderation, and integration across various marketing channels.

Let's take a closer look at how UGC platforms support brands in generating and harnessing UGC.

Content Sourcing

UGC platforms enable brands to collect user-generated content from various sources, including social media platforms, review websites, and dedicated brand communities. Through advanced search and monitoring capabilities, brands can identify relevant content related to their products, services, or brand values.

Content Curation

Once user-generated content is sourced, UGC platforms offer tools for curating and organizing the content. Brands can categorize and tag content, making it easier to search and repurpose for various marketing campaigns. This process ensures that brands showcase the most compelling and relevant user-generated content to their target audience.

Moderation and Rights Management

UGC platforms provide moderation features to maintain content quality and brand standards. Brands can review and approve user-generated content before it's published or shared. Additionally, UGC platforms assist in managing permissions and rights associated with user-generated content, ensuring compliance with legal and privacy regulations.

Integration and Distribution

UGC platforms facilitate the integration and distribution of user-generated content across different marketing channels. Brands can seamlessly incorporate UGC into their website, social media profiles, email campaigns, advertisements, and other promotional materials. This integration helps to create a cohesive brand experience and amplifies the reach and impact of user-generated content.

By leveraging UGC platforms, brands can tap into the power of authentic and relatable content created by their customers and advocates. This user-generated content not only enhances brand credibility but also fosters deeper engagement with the target audience.

The Benefits of Using a UGC Platform

Using a UGC platform offers several advantages for businesses seeking to harness the power of user-generated content. Some key benefits include:

  • Authenticity: UGC provides an authentic perspective and builds trust among consumers, as it's created by real customers and advocates of a brand or product.
  • Engagement: UGC has a higher potential to engage audiences as it resonates with their own experiences and showcases real-life scenarios.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Leveraging UGC reduces the need for extensive content production and can significantly lower marketing costs.
  • Social proof: UGC serves as social proof, demonstrating that others have had positive experiences with a brand, product, or service.

What Is Cohley?

Image shows the Cohley interface

Rating: 4.4/5.0 (G2)

Cohley is a leading UGC platform that empowers brands to streamline the process of generating and utilizing user-generated content. It serves as a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to leverage the power of UGC in their marketing strategies.

Cohley caters to a wide range of businesses, including ecommerce brands, consumer goods companies, and marketing agencies. It's designed for brands seeking authentic and compelling user-generated content to enhance their marketing efforts. Whether you're a startup or an established brand, Cohley offers a flexible and scalable solution to suit your needs.

The primary purpose of Cohley is to facilitate the creation, curation, and management of user-generated content. It provides a centralized platform where brands can connect with a diverse network of content creators, including influencers, photographers, and videographers.

By leveraging this network, brands can source actionable UGC that aligns with their target audience and campaign objectives.

Key Features

Cohley offers a range of features and functionalities that support the entire UGC content creation process. Here are some key features of Cohley that focus on generating and harnessing user-generated content:

  • Content briefs: Cohley enables brands to create detailed briefs and guidelines for content creators, ensuring the generated content aligns with brand values and campaign objectives. This feature helps maintain consistency and allows brands to effectively communicate their expectations to content creators.
  • Campaign management: With Cohley, brands can seamlessly manage UGC campaigns from start to finish. The platform provides a user-friendly interface to set campaign goals, track progress, and monitor content submissions. This streamlined workflow ensures efficient collaboration between brands and content creators throughout the campaign.
  • Content library: Cohley offers a centralized content library where brands can store and organize their user-generated content. This feature allows for easy search, filtering, and tagging, making it simple to find and repurpose UGC for different marketing channels and campaigns.
  • Rights management: Cohley simplifies the management of permissions and rights associated with user-generated content. The platform helps brands ensure legal compliance by facilitating the acquisition of necessary rights and permissions from content creators, allowing brands to confidently use UGC in their marketing materials.

Cohley's unique features are specifically tailored to support the creation and utilization of user-generated content, enabling brands to harness the power of authentic and relatable content created by their customers and advocates.

What Is

Image shows the Home page


Rating: 4.5/5.0 (G2) is a UGC platform that focuses on user-generated content campaigns and influencer collaborations. It provides brands with a unique approach to harnessing the power of UGC and influencer marketing. is designed to enable brands to launch and manage user-generated content campaigns in collaboration with influential creators. The platform facilitates the creation of authentic and relatable content that resonates with the target audience. emphasizes the importance of user-generated content in driving engagement, brand awareness, and conversions. caters to emerging startups and brands in the early stages of their UGC strategy. It's particularly suitable for brands that are interested in influencer collaborations.

Key Features takes a strategic approach to user-generated content, combining the power of UGC and influencer marketing. Here's how approaches UGC:

  • Influencer collaboration: allows brands to identify and collaborate with influential creators who align with their target audience and brand values. These creators have a dedicated following and can authentically promote the brand's products or services. By partnering with influencers, brands can tap into their creativity and leverage their reach to generate compelling user-generated content.
  • UGC campaign templates: provides pre-designed campaign templates to guide brands in launching UGC campaigns. These templates offer a structured framework for content creation, making it easier for both brands and creators to align their efforts. The templates also ensure consistency across different influencer collaborations, maintaining brand messaging and visual aesthetics.
  • Compensation management: simplifies the process of compensating influencers for their contributions. The platform offers features to calculate fair compensation based on the value of conversions or engagements generated through the campaign. This ensures transparency and a mutually beneficial partnership between brands and creators.

Cohley vs. Key Features Overview

 CohleyTrend.ioUGC Content Development

  • Video, photo, and review development
  • Brands receive perpetual content rights to use on any channel
  • Video and photo
  • Brands receive standard content rights to use on the web, social, ads, and more

Creator Management

  • Creator vetting tools
  • Creator reviews
  • Custom filters
  • Creator vetting tools
  • Creator reviews

Customer Support

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM)
  • Access to a customer support representative

UGC Content Development

When it comes to Cohley vs., both platforms have robust UGC development capabilities. However, these features so vary slightly. Let's dive in.


Cohley has a network of hundreds of thousands of vetted creators who are passionate about creating high-quality content, such as videos and photos. Creators are pre-screened by Cohley and rated by brands, so brands can be confident that they're working with talented and reliable partners.

Cohley has a simple workflow that makes it easy for brands to create, curate, and share UGC. The workflow is as follows:

  1. Create a campaign with the support of your Customer Success Manager
  2. Creators come to you
  3. Select creators using platform tools and filters to help narrow down your selection
  4. Review content
  5. Pay creators in the platform
  6. Share content

Overall, Cohley's UGC content development features and capabilities are designed to help brands create authentic and engaging content that resonates with their target audience.

These features and capabilities make it easy for brands to get started with UGC and create content that helps them achieve their marketing goals. has a network of thousands of vetted creators who are passionate about creating high-quality content. Creators are pre-screened and rated by has a simple workflow that makes it easy for brands to create, curate, and share UGC. The workflow is as follows:

  1. Create a campaign
  2. Select creators
  3. Provide creative briefs
  4. Review content
  5. Share content

Overall, offers a variety of features and capabilities that make it easy for brands to create UGC that helps them achieve their marketing goals.

Creator Management

Effective creator management is essential for successful user-generated content campaigns. It involves nurturing relationships with content creators, ensuring seamless communication, and streamlining the content review process.


Cohley offers robust creator management features and capabilities that empower brands to efficiently work with content creators and maximize the potential of user-generated content. Here are some key aspects of Cohley's creator management:

  • Content creator network: Cohley provides brands with access to a diverse network of content creators, including influencers, photographers, and writers. Brands can browse through profiles, view portfolios, and identify creators who align with their brand values and target audience. This extensive network ensures brands have a wide pool of talented creators to collaborate with.
  • Creators come to you: On the Cohley platform, creators come to you. This streamlined process makes it effortless for brands to connect with content creators who are excited to bring their unique perspectives and skills to the table.
  • Collaboration tools: Cohley's platform facilitates seamless communication and collaboration between brands and creators. It offers features like messaging, content briefs, and project management tools, enabling effective coordination and ensuring that both parties are aligned on campaign objectives, guidelines, and timelines. This streamlines the content creation process and minimizes potential miscommunication.
  • Content review and approval: Cohley simplifies the content review and approval process, allowing brands to maintain quality control and ensure that the user-generated content meets their standards. The platform offers intuitive review workflows, enabling brands to provide feedback, request revisions, and ultimately approve the content before it's published. This ensures that brands have full control over the UGC that represents their brand. also recognizes the significance of effective creator management in the context of user-generated content campaigns. Here's how approaches creator management:

  • Influencer collaboration: focuses on facilitating collaborations between brands and influencers. The platform offers tools to discover and connect with influential creators who can create authentic user-generated content for the brand.
  • Campaign management: streamlines the management of influencer collaborations and user-generated content campaigns. The platform provides features to set campaign goals, track progress, and manage content submissions from influencers.
  • Compensation and incentives: offers features for compensation and incentive management for influencers.

Customer Support

When it comes to choosing a platform or service, having reliable customer support is essential. Whether you have questions or need assistance, having access to a dedicated support team can make all the difference in your experience.


Cohley is renowned for its comprehensive support system, ensuring that customers receive the assistance they need throughout their journey with the platform. One of the standout features of Cohley's support capabilities is the access to their Customer Success Managers (CSMs). These managers are dedicated professionals who work closely with customers to ensure their success.

Having access to a CSM at Cohley means you have a designated point of contact who understands your unique needs and goals.

These managers are well-versed in the platform's features, experts in the content marketing space, and can provide personalized guidance, recommendations, and troubleshooting. They serve as your advocate within Cohley, ensuring that brands get the most value out of their partnerships.

Whether you're new to the platform or a seasoned user, having a dedicated professional by your side can save you time, enhance your understanding, and help you achieve your marketing objectives more efficiently.'s support capabilities are designed to provide prompt assistance and ensure a smooth experience for customers. While may not offer dedicated Customer Success Managers like Cohley, they have a support system in place to cater to their users' needs.'s support team consists of knowledgeable professionals who are well-versed in the platform's features and functionalities. They are readily available to address any questions or concerns you may have, providing timely responses and guidance. Whether you encounter technical difficulties or need help navigating the platform,'s support team is there to assist you.

While the absence of dedicated Customer Success Managers may limit the level of personalized support available,'s support team compensates by ensuring that you receive prompt and reliable assistance.


Which Is the Best UGC Platform?

While both platforms are solid options, Cohley emerges as the preferred UGC platform due to its comprehensive features, strong customer relationship management, and holistic support.

Cohley is a leading UGC platform that offers a centralized solution for businesses looking to generate and utilize user-generated content. It caters to a wide range of brands, including ecommerce companies, consumer goods brands, and marketing agencies.

Cohley's network of vetted content creators, which includes influencers, photographers, and videographers, ensures that brands can collaborate with talented and reliable partners. The platform provides features such as content briefs, campaign management, and rights management, all of which support the creation and management of UGC.

One of Cohley's standout features is its robust customer support system, which includes dedicated Customer Success Managers. These professionals work closely with brands to understand their unique needs and goals, providing personalized guidance, recommendations, and troubleshooting.

While is also a reputable UGC platform, Cohley stands out as the preferred choice due to its comprehensive features and dedicated customer support. Brands seeking an all-encompassing UGC platform that empowers them to create authentic and engaging content should consider Cohley as their preferred choice.

Create Inspiring UGC With Cohley

Cohley is a powerful platform that enables businesses to streamline their content creation process by connecting them with a network of talented creators, maximizing efficiency, and driving impactful results. Discover how Cohley can revolutionize your content strategy by signing up for a consultation today.


What Does Cohley Do?

Cohley streamlines the user-generated content (UGC) creation process, making it easier for businesses to harness the power of authentic content. Here's what a typical UGC creation process looks like with Cohley, from brief to development:

  • Brief creation: Businesses start by creating a detailed brief outlining their content needs and objectives. They can specify the type of content they're looking for, such as photos, videos, or written reviews, along with any specific guidelines or requirements.
  • Creators come to you: Once the brief is launched, creators come to you. These creators can be influencers, photographers, videographers, or everyday consumers who have signed up to be part of the Cohley community.
  • Content generation: The chosen creators receive the brief and begin creating content based on the provided guidelines. They may visit the business's physical location, use the products, or share their experiences through various channels, capturing authentic and engaging content.
  • Content submission: After creating the content, the creators submit their work through Cohley's platform. The platform ensures the content meets the specified criteria, allowing businesses to review and approve the submissions seamlessly.
  • Content usage and licensing: Once approved, businesses can access and utilize the content for their marketing campaigns across different platforms. Cohley simplifies the licensing process, ensuring all necessary permissions and rights are obtained, saving businesses time and effort.

How Can Brands Use UGC?

Brands can use UGC to power their ad campaigns, enhance conversion rates, and more.

  • Optimizing ads: Brands can leverage UGC to optimize their advertising campaigns. By incorporating user-generated photos, videos, or testimonials into their ads, brands can enhance their authenticity and increase engagement. UGC-driven ads resonate with audiences as they showcase real customer experiences and opinions, leading to higher click-through rates and conversions.
  • Enhancing ecommerce conversion rates: UGC can play a significant role in improving conversion rates for ecommerce brands. By featuring customer reviews, ratings, and user-generated images on product pages, brands can provide social proof and build trust with potential customers. UGC helps prospective buyers visualize real people using and enjoying the products, increasing the likelihood of making a purchase.
  • Boosting retailer relationships: Brands can use UGC to strengthen relationships with their retail partners. By encouraging customers to share their experiences with a brand's products at specific retail locations or using retailer-specific hashtags, brands can generate UGC that showcases the products in different settings. This UGC can be shared with retailers, helping to build a collaborative and mutually beneficial partnership.
  • New product launches: UGC is a powerful tool when launching a new product. Brands can create pre-launch buzz by involving their audience in the product development process. This can be done by soliciting ideas and feedback or even allowing customers to beta-test the product. Once the product is released, brands can encourage customers to share their experiences, unboxing videos, and reviews, creating a wave of UGC that builds excitement and credibility around the new offering.
  • Launching a new social channel (e.g., TikTok): When brands enter a new social media channel, such as TikTok, UGC can help kickstart their presence. Brands can encourage customers to create and share TikTok videos featuring their products, challenges, or branded hashtags. By leveraging the creativity of content creators with TikTok experience, brands can quickly establish their presence and reach a wider audience.
  • Increasing organic presence: UGC is a valuable asset for increasing organic presence and reach. Brands can encourage customers to share their experiences on social media using brand-specific hashtags or tagging the brand. This user-generated content can then be curated and shared by the brand on their social media platforms or website. By actively engaging with UGC and giving credit to customers, brands can foster a sense of community and encourage others to create and share content organically, expanding their online presence.
Tom Logan
Founder & CEO