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Cohley vs. Upfluence for User-Generated Content

Which is best when it comes to Cohley vs. Upfluence? While they're both useful tools for UGC, they have their differences. Learn more in this guide.
Tom Logan
May 18, 2023
April 11, 2024

User-generated content (UGC) is an extremely powerful tool that can help you reach your marketing goals. UGC is content created by those who matter most: your customers. And when used on social, it can build trust and community around your brand.

While creating UGC may seem complicated, there are plenty of tools out there that can help. Two of those tools include Cohley and Upfluence. In this guide, we'll compare and contrast Cohley vs. Upfluence so you can make the best choice for your brand.

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Why Use a UGC Creation Platform?

There are several reasons why a brand might choose to use a UGC creation platform vs. using traditional content generation methods. Here are a few:

  • Authenticity: UGC is created by real consumers, providing an authentic perspective on your brand and products. This authenticity can be more engaging and compelling to other potential customers, helping to build trust and brand loyalty.
  • Cost-effectiveness: UGC creation platforms provide an affordable way to generate high-quality content for your brand. Rather than investing in expensive photo and video shoots, UGC platforms allow brands to leverage existing content created by their customers.
  • Scalability: Brands can easily scale UGC campaigns to generate a large volume of content, without the time and resources required to create the content in-house.

What Is Cohley?

Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 11.09.29 AM

Rating: 4.4/5.0 (G2)

Cohley is a content creation platform that connects brands with a network of freelance creators to generate high-quality, on-brand content for their marketing campaigns.

The platform enables brands to launch content creation campaigns, set specific creative briefs, and receive a large volume of custom content submissions from a pool of vetted creators.

Key Features

  • Custom content campaigns: Brands can launch custom content campaigns to receive submissions from a network of vetted creators. Brands can set specific creative briefs and guidelines, allowing creators to produce content that aligns with the brand's values and unique aesthetic.
  • Creator network: Cohley's creator network consists of a diverse group of freelance creators, including photographers, videographers, writers, and social media influencers. Brands can browse creator profiles and portfolios to find the best fit for their campaigns.
  • Creator management: Cohley provides a creator management system that allows brands to manage and approve content submissions and provide feedback to creators.

What Is Upfluence?

Image shows the Upfluence home page

Source: Upfluence

Rating: 4.5/5.0 (G2)

Upfluence is an influencer marketing platform that helps brands to discover, connect with, and manage relationships with influencers across various social media platforms.

The platform offers a suite of tools and services designed to help brands run successful influencer marketing campaigns and track their performance.

Key Features

  • Influencer discovery: Upfluence's influencer discovery tool allows brands to find influencers that match their target audience and marketing goals, using filters such as location, demographics, interests, and engagement rates.
  • Influencer outreach: Once potential influencers are identified, brands can connect with them and negotiate collaborations through Upfluence's messaging system.
  • Campaign management: Upfluence provides tools to manage the entire influencer marketing campaign, including content creation, review, approval, payment, and performance tracking.

Cohley vs. Upfluence: Key Features Overview

 CohleyUpfluenceUGC Content Creation

  • Content first
  • Video, photo, and review generation
  • Content belongs to the brand—forever
  • More focused on influencer marketing than creating UGC content for marketing channels 

Creator Management

  • Creators come to you 
  • Must discover new creators manually

Customer Support

  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager, regardless of account
  • Only certain accounts get an Account Manager


  • Custom, transparent pricing to fit your needs
  • Custom pricing options (not disclosed on website)

UGC Content CreationA UGC platform can really help you streamline your UGC content creation. And when it comes to Cohley vs. Upfluence, there are some key differences in how each platform approaches the process.CohleyCohley has been content first since day one. The platform is set up to make sure you get photos and videos that perform for you.Creators submit portfolios so you can see their best work and apply to you based on your creative brief. Cohley also streamlines all of the payments, legal terms, and communication with creators.UpfluenceUpfluence is, at its heart, an influencer tool. In contrast to Cohley, the platform is optimized for brands to get brand awareness from posts, not generate a large volume of channel-specific UGC.Creator ManagementCreator management is a critical feature when sourcing content. The platform you choose should simplify creator management so you can spend more time perfecting content assets.CohleyCohley’s platform features streamlined creator management tools. Using the platform, creators come to you instead of you needing to manually reach out first. Plus, you don't have to negotiate terms—creators agree to your requirements before they ever apply.Cohley also enables brands to chat with content creators directly inside the tool. And with integrations with ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, product shipment and payments are simplified. Cohley will facilitate creator payments for you, eliminating the need to track down invoices.UpfluenceUpfluence does not have creators that opt into their platform. Instead, they depend on algorithms to find creators that fit your brand. You’ll then need to individually reach out to creators, which takes time.Upfluence offers an automated workflow tool that enables you to hire, view drafts, and issue payments easily. The platform also provides access to contract outreach email templates to simplify the influencer onboarding process.Customer SupportImplementing a new UGC platform and learning how to use it effectively can be a challenge. Making sure you have the right resources to support you is essential. CohleyCohley offers a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to every brand that signs up for any account. The CSM works to support you in using Cohley so you get the most bang for your buck.The CSM will also help you build UGC campaigns and assist you in sourcing the content you need for success.UpfluenceUpfluence's support options differ between accounts. For example, the Growth plan gives brands access to basic support via a ticketing system. The Scale plan offers brands access to an Account Manager tasked with supporting them through the use of the platform.PricingCost is an important factor when considering a UGC creation platform. Pricing is one of the key differentiators when considering Cohley vs. Upfluence.CohleyCohley’s transparent pricing allows you to plan and budget for whatever your marketing needs are. Our Starter plan starts at $18,000 and includes four creative briefs, integrations, full content rights (forever), and a dedicated CSM.Our Professional plan starts at $24,000 and includes six creative briefs, 50 free product reviews, beta access to new AI features, a dedicated CSM, and more. We also offer managed services for brands that need our full support.UpfluenceUpfluence offers three different pricing plans, including Growth, Scale, and Enterprise. Pricing isn't disclosed on the website, so interested brands would need to reach out to the sales team for more information.Cohley vs. Upfluence: Why Cohley Is the Better AlternativeYou have choices when it comes to selecting a UGC platform. If you're looking for simple influencer sourcing and management, Upfluence might work for you.However, if you're looking for creative UGC to use throughout your marketing campaigns, Cohley is a great option. Cohley's user-friendly interface, UGC creation capabilities, and dedicated CSM support make it an excellent choice for scaling brands.Cohley features pre-vetted professional content creators that have the skills required to create UGC that aligns with your brand messaging and marketing goals. There's no need to source creators on your own. Instead, with Cohley, creators come to you!Create UGC Simply & Quickly With CohleyCohley’s platform is designed to quickly generate a large volume of content to fuel your entire marketing strategy. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about how we can help!UGC Platform FAQsWhat Is UGC?UGC is content created by your customers, not your brand. Companies often leverage user-generated content as a marketing strategy because it builds authenticity, trust, and social proof.By showcasing UGC, brands can engage with their audiences, build a sense of community, and enhance brand credibility.How Does Cohley Work?Cohley is a complete UGC creation platform that enables you to create UGC campaigns quickly. Let's dive into how the Cohley platform works.Launch Your First Creative BriefThink of a Creative Brief as a job description for creators, yielding a bundle of diverse assets. With the close guidance of your CSM and assistance from AI, you can launch a Creative Brief that fits your brand and goals.Creators will then have the chance to apply and you'll get to select the right ones for your project based on skillset, first-party data, and other factors.Activate Your ContentOnce you select a creator, you'll receive a bundle of high-quality assets, such as photos or videos. But the real value comes when the content is activated.Use the content to optimize ad performance, leverage our integrations to push your product reviews to your website, and more.Incorporate Learnings & Turn Content Into a DifferentiatorThe most successful brands see content as a flywheel that's constantly in motion. After activating your content across digital channels, you can incorporate key learnings into your next Creative Brief and improve your marketing campaigns.By consistently improving and publishing great content, you'll meet the heightened demands that today's digital ecosystem demands. And as a result, you can flip content from a pain point into a bonafide strength and differentiator for your brand.


Tom Logan
Founder & CEO