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The Making of an Influencer: Vol. 1

Joslyn Davis always knew she wanted to be in front of the camera, and if you watch any of her video content it's pretty easy to see why. She's natural and energetic, but she has a way of engaging with the camera (and her audience) in a refreshingly personal way. Side note, she's also not afraid to let her dad Phil do her makeup...nailed it Pops! 

Joslyn's creative journey took a huge step forward when she was part of the team that kicked off video content at Clevver, a YouTube based network that focuses on all things pop culture, entertainment and celebrity news. The way she positioned it to us when we spoke was that prior to Clevver, networks like E! and MTV weren't covering teen celebs and teen topics.

Joslyn saw a major gap that could be addressed, and housing all of their content on YouTube proved to be a phenomenal strategy because it allowed for viral growth. Clevver now has millions of subscribers and multiple channels that include ClevverStyle, ClevverNews and ClevverMusic. When I asked Joslyn how "having influence" felt, she had a really thoughtful response..."It's humbling! I recognize that it's a major responsibility, and because of that I don't endorse things that I don't believe in personally." She went on to talk about how she did a Meet Up recently in New York City and had a much larger-than-expected turnout and how humbling that cool. 

If you're not a Clevver subscriber but Joslyn looks familiar to you we might be able to help you place her. She was on season 28 of CBS' Amazing she is getting her "Badge of Honor"...well done Jos! 

When it comes to collaborating with brands, Joslyn is all about staying consistent with her personal brand. She loves working with fitness and fashion brands, but she's also partnered with travel destinations that've even included a glamping spot on the California coast. 

Joslyn's pretty much the best. 


Note from Cohley: Interested in working with Joslyn? If you're a Cohley brand you can get in touch with her here, and if you're not you can get in touch in touch with us at