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The Why Behind Cohley's Review Sampling

Cohley's product review sampling is optimized for conversion and driving revenue for our customers. Our offering saves brands time, money, and samples.
Erin McCarthy
October 31, 2022
April 11, 2024

I don’t think anyone would disagree that the past few years have been some of the most challenging in the ecomm and D2C space. iOs changes, supply chain issues, rising ad costs, changes in consumer behavior… the list goes on.

We hear these challenges every day from the hundreds of brands that we partner with. 

When we dream about what’s next for Cohley, our guiding principle is to build features and products that are going to impact what is most important for brands right now -- increasing conversion and revenue. 

It’s no secret that reviews are one of the most impactful pieces of content to do just that. We had already been passively collecting reviews for brands and seeing impact there, so thought it was a good place to dig in. 

Then what?!

From there, we did a deep dive into the existing review sampling landscape, and did a lot of listening to our current customers. It became clear to us that while the current offerings were working well for some brands, there were a LOT of pain points that we could address. 

Next, we dug into consumer behavior and industry research. We’re all about data over gut feel here, and wanted to make sure we understood all of the information consumers needed to make their purchasing decisions. 

The result? Cohley’s review offering. 

Our review offering is built based on customer feedback on what was missing from other sampling options, informed by research and optimized for the unique challenges that brands are up against:  

  • Custom package sizes to combat supply chain issues and smaller sampling budgets, and also to ensure recency 
  • An option to integrate directly into Shopify and BigCommerce to avoid the delays and cost that are associated with drop shipping 
  • The ability to choose the people who are reviewing your product, so every sample is getting into the hands of someone who is enthusiastic about your brand 
  • The ability to integrate with Yotpo, Power Reviews and Bazaarvoice to make sure that your reviews are everywhere your consumers are. 
  • And since we’re still Cohley, the ability for our world class creators to leave UGC content along with the text review, that you own forever and can reuse across other channels. 

We believe that our offering is going to have an immense impact on our brands. Since our launch in June, we’ve generated over 20,000 reviews and are just getting started. We look forward to continuing to support brands in generating content that helps them grow their business. 

Erin McCarthy
VP of Customer Success
Erin brings years of experience in building impactful relationships, delivering strategic value, and a deep knowledge of the ever changing digital marketing space.