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18 Killer Examples of User-Generated Content in Action

Looking for some UGC inspiration for your next campaign? Look no further than this list of inspiring user-generated content examples. Check them out now!
Tom Logan
May 16, 2023
April 18, 2024

User-generated content (UGC) is all the rage for growing brands (and for good reason). UGC helps brands create authentic and relatable content, save on production costs, and increase brand awareness through social proof.

Plenty of brands are using UGC successfully throughout their marketing campaigns. And if you want to do the same, you're in the right place.

Here, we've compiled some of our favorite user-generated content examples that you can use as inspiration. Plus, we've answered some of your most frequently asked questions about UGC.

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Why Use UGC in Your Marketing Campaigns?

If conversations about your brand aren't happening online between your real customers, you're missing out on an easy way to connect with your audience. Using UGC in your marketing campaigns can provide social proof and credibility, create a sense of community and engagement, and increase reach and brand awareness.

Showcases Your Brand Authenticity

Consumers don't want to follow brands on social media, they want to follow people. Through UGC, brands can tell their stories through content that's authentic, highlighting the human side of the brand.

By working with UGC creators in your marketing campaigns, you're able to stand out in a crowded marketplace by communicating your unique values, personality, and purpose. This can drive customer engagement, advocacy, and long-term growth.

Builds Community

UGC can be a powerful tool for building a community around a brand. Using UGC on your channels can help foster a sense of community. It's also important to use diverse content on your pages so every potential consumer feels included in the conversation. This can lead to a loyal fan base that feels invested in your brand and that wants to support it.

Increases Trust With Your Audience

When customers see other customers talking positively about your brand, it can help create a sense of trust and credibility. UGC can also help humanize your brand and make it more relatable to your audience. When customers see that there are real people behind the company, they're more likely to trust it.

Grows Brand Awareness

Brand awareness refers to the extent to which consumers are familiar with your brand and its products or services. It's a critical metric—without brand awareness, potential customers won't know about your brand or consider it when making purchasing decisions.

User-generated content can be a powerful tool for building brand awareness because it can help your brand get in front of a larger audience more organically. This has become increasingly important, especially as customers use TikTok and other platforms as search engines.

Boosts Conversions

UGC can help brands boost their conversions by providing social proof, authenticity, and personalization. By leveraging the power of UGC, brands can improve the customer experience and increase the likelihood that potential customers will convert.

UGC on a website can help answer a consumer's questions versus them having to leave the site and find answers elsewhere.

18 User-Generated Content Examples to Inspire You

Are you ready to reap the benefits of UGC? Take a look at the user-generated content examples below. These brands are using UGC to stand out on both Instagram and TikTok.

As a result, they're boosting conversions, having true conversations with their audiences, and scaling their businesses.

#1. GoPro


Volume up 🔊 #EarthDay is in just 2 days + this is how @tfbergen will be celebrating 🌎 #gopro #pov #kayak #beautiful #norway #fjords #travel

♬ original sound - GoPro

This creator is filming their kayak as they travel through the clear water in Norway. Notice how the creator doesn't add music on top and instead records the sounds of the water as an ASMR play. This is a type of video that performs very well on TikTok.

This video is unique in that it was filmed on a GoPro instead of using another device like an iPhone. GoPro knows that its community is looking for content that was actually shot using its product.

#2. Starbucks

Do you have a car cup? We all do! This creator has several and is using this video to give a "tour" of her cups, which just so happen to be from Starbucks. The video starts with her talking directly to the camera in her car, which makes the content feel authentic. Plus, the text on the screen says "tour" which engages viewers to keep watching to see more.

#3. Dove

This is a video of Dove promoting a few of their different hair care products and how they work for different hair types. This is a great example of a brand repurposing UGC across other content. These are all individual videos that Dove edited together to create a new piece of content to share with their audience on Instagram.

#4. REI

In this "Get Ready With Me" video, the creator starts on her hike and then shows viewers how she chose her full REI outfit. The creator starts the video selfie style, which feels very authentic, and then includes a voiceover talking about the clothing. After she gets dressed, the hike presumes, which keeps viewers engaged.

#5. Lululemon

This video is of a creator talking about the benefits of Lululemon's wrinkle-free fabric. This content works because the creator is talking to the camera, showing off how the fabric works, and explaining the benefits of purchasing a shirt like the one displayed in the video.

#6. Pampers


How we’re walking into the weekend #TGIF 📷: alissapagels (Instagram)

♬ original sound - Pampers

The baby featured in this video is learning to walk for the first time. It's cute and funny, all at once. The video is less than 30 seconds, which is perfect for the channel that it's on. Plus, the creator uses a long-term TikTok trend: "POV" which means "Point of View."

#7. Abercrombie


Looks for your Gaga-inspired vacation itinerary. 👏 #abercrombie #abercrombiefashion #fyp

♬ original sound - abercrombie

In this video, a creator styles five different outfits while mouthing the words to a trending sound that Abercrombie remixed. While the creator isn't talking about the product, she's showing all of the different outfits you can make with Abercrombie's vacation-ready clothing.

#8. eBay

In this video, the creator is standing next to themselves trying on different outfits that they found on eBay. This type of content works because people are interested in outfit comparisons. They also edited the video in a unique way that keeps viewers interested in the content.

#9. Force Factor


We're drooling over this delicious Pink Latte made with Total Beets Original Powder 🤤 @Tativegancook #foryou #fyp #pinklatte #beetpowder #recipes

♬ MOMENTS IN LIFE - Turreekk

Look at that deliciously pink drink! This recipe video features Force Factor's Total Beets powder. The creator mentions in the first couple of seconds that she has seen the powder all over TikTok, which is a popular hook to draw viewers in. While the creator is showing off the recipe, she also talks through the product's benefits.

#10. Bombi


Tbh nothing clever to say, just a video of this cool fold 🫶 babystrollers lightweightstroller babyregistry millennialmom bombigear

♬ GoGo dancer pedro - I love pedro pascal 🌟

This is a video of a pregnant mama easily folding her stroller in half and putting it in the car with her toddler on her hip. The brand uses a trending TikTok template and trending music to engage viewers. The video doesn't feel too "ad-like" but it still shows off one of their most popular product differentiators: ease of use.

#11. Walmart


@tidycademypro's bringing the fresh vibes to her space for spring. 💕 #WalmartHome

♬ Morning with U - Tollan Kim

This video shows a creator styling her Walmart Home finds as well as different ways to use the products. This is a great example of UGC because it's shot in a creator's home and not a studio. It serves as inspiration for Walmart's audience on how they can style their own finds.

#12. Poppi

In this video, you'll see one of TikTok's most popular features: the photo-focused video. The photo is of a shopping bag full of Poppi, and the green screen includes celebrity Kim Kardashian saying that she "loves it." This is a giggle-worthy video that leans into a trend without having to film a whole video around it.

#13. Sour Strips

This video includes a trending sound from a popular TV show. The creator uses the trending sound, and also one of TikTok's editing features to put eyes and a mouth on the product to humanize it. Using popular TikTok trends is a great way to get your audience engaged.

#14. Nature's Lab

Nature's Lab used this video to feature a testimonial about its Apple Cider Vinegar product. It starts off with a hook asking the audience, "Did you know that a simple five-second daily habit can make a huge difference in your overall health?" This hook draws viewers in and keeps them watching the full video to learn more.

#15. Koia

This brand is following a popular TikTok trend with a trending sound. The video has nothing to do with the product itself, but the creator is shown drinking a Koia shake. These videos work for organic Tiktok pages because they're authentic. Plus, these videos make people laugh and they don't try to sell the product too hard.

#16. Tarte Cosmetics


the maracuja juicy lip obsession is real. 🥰 ✨ maracuja juicy lip plump in peachy beige ✨ maracuja juicy lip plump in lotus ✨ maracuja juicy lip plump in cherry blossom ✨ maracuja juicy lip balm in rose #tartecosmetics #maracujajuicylipplump #maracujajuicylip #cleanbeauty #crueltyfree

♬ original sound - tarte cosmetics

In this video, the creator is trying out different shades of the brand's new lip product. The video is less than 30 seconds and shows four different colors by using a transition technique. The video is quick and shows the viewer what the product may look like on her own skin tone.

#17. Bubbies

This entertaining, holiday-focused recipe uses Bubbies mochi ice cream. The creator shows how to make Easter-themed treats with mochi, chocolate chips, and sprinkles. It's a simple video that highlights the product in a useful way.

#18. SkinnyDipped

In this video, the creator is headed to her local Sprouts to pick up a sushi deal. Who doesn't get excited about sushi? The creator also throws in that while they're at Sprouts, they should pick up SkinnyDipped peanut butter cups for dessert.

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Cohley is a UGC platform that helps brands generate content that drives growth. Creators on Cohley can generate short-form videos (like the examples above), high-quality photos, and product reviews for paid channels, organic social, and ecommerce storefronts.

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User-Generated Content FAQs

What Is UGC?

User-generated content refers to any type of content that is created by individuals for brands rather than the brand themselves. UGC content can be created by a brand's customers or by content creators.

What Are the Types of User-Generated Content?

There are a few different types of UGC, including videos, photos, and product reviews. Through photos and videos, customers can create and share content that showcases how they're using a brand's products or services.

Through product reviews, customers share their experiences with a product or service. Brands can collect and showcase customer reviews on their website or social media channels to provide social proof and build trust with potential customers.

How Do You Create User-Generated Content?

There are two key ways brands can create UGC. Brands can source UGC directly from their audience by running contests or asking for reviews. Brands can also source UGC by working with content creators.

An easy way to find the right creators for your brand is by working with a platform like Cohley. Using Cohley, talented content creators reach out to your brand. You can then view their social accounts and portfolios to decide if their capabilities are a great fit.

What Is a Good Example of a User-Generated Content Campaign?

The West Coast Fitness UGC campaigns deserve the gold medal. They needed content focused on people's experiences at the fitness studio, Orange Theory. By launching campaigns on Cohley, and working with a diverse set of UGC creators, they were able to showcase the journey of a new member.

The content was inviting and motivating. Plus, it spoke to an audience of all ages and fitness levels. As a result, West Coast Fitness collected hundreds of videos and drove down their cost per lead by 68%.

Tom Logan
Founder & CEO