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Ways to Use Customer Reviews in your Marketing

In today’s world consumers have everything at their fingertips. From clothes to camping gear, groceries to pet supplies, everything is just a click away. As brand experiences become more online-oriented, people pay less attention to marketing campaigns, and more attention to customer reviews.

A Fan & Fuel study found that 97% of customers say reviews factor into their purchasing decisions. It’s time for a new age of connecting with audiences, and it’s called customer review marketing. Wondering how to use reviews in your marketing strategy? In this blog we cover the best ways to use customer reviews to leverage your marketing, plus some examples of companies doing it right. 

How Customer Reviews Work

The process of leaving a customer review on a site is fairly straightforward. While it is not required, customers are generally asked to leave their names and contact information. There are often guidelines for what the review should and should not include. Customers will be asked to leave a rating and an optional explanation if they want to add additional comments about their experience. 

Customer reviews don’t always appear online. In fact, it is possible for customers to leave reviews on social media platforms like Instagram. Customers can share their experience via posts, Reels, IG Lives, or stories. This offers a valuable opportunity for brands to share these instagram reviews on their profile for potential customers to reference. Bottom line, leveraging customer reviews both online and on social media is essential for a successful content marketing strategy

Ways to use customer reviews in marketing

Customer purchase decisions are often based on word of mouth. In fact, a BrightLocal study found that 80% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family. Wondering where to start? Check out our insider tips below:

Using reviews on key pages

If your product or site has received positive online reviews, pull a few from the site and feature them on high traffic pages of your site. This strategy targets potential customers who are seeking out information about your brand. Providing high quality and informative reviews on the high traffic pages encourages customers to convert. 

In your social and search ads

Incorporating reviews into your social and search ads can help potential customers compare your brand to competitors. Since people are more likely to trust a brand that has positive, credible reviews, why not include them in your ads? 

On your social media accounts

If a person finds your brand via social media, they are likely seeking out information about people’s experiences with your product or service. By posting reviews on social media you are not only making word of mouth information more accessible for future customers, but also creating a relationship with current customers and ultimately building brand loyalty. 

For more insight on Instagram reviews and best practices, visit our recent blog “How to Use Customer Reviews on Instagram for Maximum Impact.” 

In email newsletters

While sharing reviews and testimonials in email newsletters can help engage with current customers, it can also entice new subscribers to try out a brand’s product or service. Use testimonials in your email newsletters right before a CTA to encourage readers to visit your site. 

Need help generating customer reviews? We’ve got you covered. Visit How to Ask for Reviews to learn more. 

Link to a reviews page on your Instagram profile.

While Instagram doesn’t have a reviews feature, it is still a popular platform for customers to leave reviews in the form of posts and stories. Reposting that content to a reviews highlight reel or page on your brand’s Instagram profile is often a best practice for customer review marketing. 

Creating a review hub allows for current and future customers to easily see what others are saying about your brand. It also may encourage customers to post their own reviews or tag your brand on their profile. 

Working with influencers is one way to incentivize others to post about your brand. Consider creating an influencer campaign with Cohley to help your social media presence take off. 

Companies doing it well

There are companies absolutely killing it with their customer review marketing! Here are just a few: 

The Honest Company

The Honest Company specializes in creating natural baby and beauty products that are ethically and sustainably made. By targeting busy moms looking for a healthy alternative, they are able to collect a wide array of customer testimonials to feature directly on their homepage. 

This strategy ultimately makes their marketing more relatable to their target market. By featuring several different testimonials, they are also showcasing current customer’s appreciation for the brand. 


Kulani Kinis is an Australian-designed swimsuit brand with a 354K Instagram following. The brand leverages customer reviews and UGC to increase their brand awareness, especially on Instagram. 

Kulani repurposes their online reviews as Instagram stories, and has a Reviews highlight reel living on their profile for future customers to visit. They also frequently re-post customer’s photos in their products, and created a hashtag for followers to share their looks. 

This strategy is a great example of how to use Instagram reviews in your content marketing strategy. While sharing reviews online is important, social media allows for a whole new world of sharing UGC and reviews.  


Afterpay is an app that helps shoppers pay in increments and manage their spending. The app works both while shopping online and in-store, making it a reliable way to spread out spending over time. 

Afterpay is another great example of how to leverage customer reviews both on a website and social media. Afterpay features customer comments on their Instagram posts and encourages followers to leave feedback. Because of this, the Afterpay comment sections become a place for customers to interact with the brand and build a sense of community. 

Use Your Customer’s Words and Create Creative and Engaging Content

Customer reviews are paving the way for a new age of content marketing, and it’s time to hop on board. Work with Cohley to develop your influencer marketing campaigns. Let’s start spreading the word about your brand!