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46% Reduction in CPA

With 5x the scale


Agency, founded by the team at Curology, is a customized skincare brand that focuses on anti-aging products through a personalized prescription system for all skin types. Much like Curology back in 2014, Agency quickly gained an impressive following on Instagram shortly after its launch in 2021. Agency wanted to promote both their brand and uniquely personalized skincare products through TikTok advertising, but they struggled to reach their target demographic of female consumers ages 35+ with the content they were using.


Agency partnered with Cohley to make the shift to purely testimonial, UGC-style content on TikTok. Cohley helped Agency find the perfect balance – Creators who fit their target demographic and who could create authentic, TikTok-native videos that would resonate with their audience. The content that Cohley’s selected Creators produced prioritized a Direct Response strategy, emphasizing strong hooks and relatable calls to action.


With the help of Cohley, Agency was able to generate and activate TikTok-native content that resonated with its target audience. This resulted in a 5x increase in their designated TikTok budgets and a 46% decrease in their cost per acquisition. The success of the content's performance led to increased budgets and decreased costs and provided the spark that Agency needed to unlock the power of TikTok and turn it into a profitable channel.



Irene Ho
Growth Marketing

“Cohley has made the process of sourcing creators that fit our target demographic so much easier. We love Cohley for its user-friendly platform and the wide variety of experienced creators. The high-quality content we’ve received has helped us reach our CAC goals & prove TikTok to be a profitable acquisition channel for us.”